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News Expansive Two-Disc Deluxe "Into the Woods" Soundtrack Released Today The two-disc deluxe and single-disc standard soundtrack editions of the Disney film version of Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine's "Into the Woods," starring Meryl Streep, Anna Kendrick, Emily Blunt, Johnny Depp, Chris Pine and more, are released Dec. 15 in stores and online.

Meryl Streep Photo by Disney

"Into the Woods" arrives in theatres Dec. 25.

Fans of the musical will note that several songs are not included in the film, among them "I Guess This Is Goodbye/Maybe They're Magic," as well as "Ever After" and "No More,"  both of which are listed as only an instrumental track.

Watch Meryl Streep perform "Stay With Me" from the film here.

Read the Playbill.com feature: "Never in a Million Years," Said Meryl Streep of "Into the Woods."

The deluxe track listing follows: Disc One:

1. "Prologue: Into the Woods" – Company
2. "Cinderella at the Grave" – Joanna Riding
3. "Hello, Little Girl" – Johnny Depp and Lilla Crawford
4. "Rapunzel's Song" – Mackenzie Mauzy
5. "The Cape as Red as Blood" – Stephen Sondheim
6. "The Cow as White as Milk" – James Corden and Emily Blunt
7. "Magic Beans" – Stephen Sondheim
8. "Rapunzel's Hair" – Stephen Sondheim
9. "Granny's Cottage" – Stephen Sondheim
10. "I Know Things Now" – Lilla Crawford
11. "The Beanstalk Grows" – Stephen Sondheim
12. "Cinderella Runs" – Stephen Sondheim
13. "A Very Nice Prince" – Anna Kendrick and Emily Blunt
14. "Giants in the Sky" – Daniel Huttlestone
15. "Who Cares!" – Stephen Sondheim
16. "Baker and Wife Part" – Stephen Sondheim
17. "Princes' Fanfare" – Stephen Sondheim
18. "Agony" – Chris Pine and Billy Magnussen
19. "The Forbidden Tower" – Stephen Sondheim
20. "May I Compare This Ear of Corn?" – Stephen Sondheim
21. "It Takes Two" – Emily Blunt and James Corden
22. "Two Midnights Gone" – Stephen Sondheim
23. "One Day Left" – Stephen Sondheim
24. "Stay With Me" – Meryl Streep
25. "Jack Chops Down" the Beanstalk – Stephen Sondheim
26. "On the Steps of the Palace" – Anna Kendrick
27. "She Won't Get Far With One Shoe" – Stephen Sondheim
28. "Searching for Cinderella" – Stephen Sondheim
29. "Careful My Toe" – Christine Baranski, Tammy Blanchard and Lucy Punch
30. "The Slipper Fits" – Stephen Sondheim
31. "Rapunzel's Tear" – Stephen Sondheim
32. "This Cow Is Covered With Flour" – Stephen Sondheim
33. "Almost Midnight" – Stephen Sondheim
34. "The Witchs Transformation" – Stephen Sondheim

Disc Two:

. "Ever After (Instrumental)" – Stephen Sondheim
2. "Back Into the Woods" – Stephen Sondheim
3. "Find the Boy" – Stephen Sondheim
4. "Witch's Lament" – Meryl Streep
5. "Any Moment" – Chris Pine and Emily Blunt
6. "Moments in the Woods" – Emily Blunt
7. "Your Fault" – Daniel Huttlestone, James Corden, Lilla Crawford, Meryl Streep and Anna Kendrick
8. "Last Midnight" – Meryl Streep
9. "No More (Instrumental)" – Stephen Sondheim
10. "The Far Away Prince" – Stephen Sondheim
11. "No One Is Alone" – Anna Kendrick, James Corden, Lilla Crawford and Daniel Huttlestone
12. "The Giant Attack" – Stephen Sondheim
13. "Finale/Children Will Listen (Part 1)" – James Corden, Emily Blunt, Meryl Streep and Company
14. "Finale/Children Will Listen (Part 2)" – Company
15. "Stay With Me (Instrumental)" – Stephen Sondheim
16. "Last Midnight (Instrumental)"


Directed by Rob Marshall, the cast includes Simon Russell Beale as the Baker's Father, Chris Pine as Cinderella's Prince, Billy Magnussen as Rapunzel's Prince, Christine Baranski as Stepmother, Annette Crosbie as Granny, Joanna Riding as Cinderella's Mother, Richard Glover as The Steward, Frances De La Tour as The Giant, Lucy Punch as Lucinda, Tammy Blanchard as Florinda, MacKenzie Mauzy as Rapunzel, Daniel Huttlestone as Jack, Lilla Crawford as Little Red Riding Hood, Johnny Depp as The Wolf, Tracey Ullman as Jack's Mother, James Corden as The Baker, Emily Blunt as The Baker's Wife, Meryl Streep as The Witch and Anna Kendrick as Cinderella.

Kendrick recently discussed being on set with Sondheim during the "Into the Woods" filming with Playbill magazine.

Click here for the article in which director Marshall explains various changes made to the film adaptation.

"Into the Woods," according to press notes, "is a modern twist on the beloved Brothers Grimm fairy tales, intertwining the plots of a few choice stories and exploring the consequences of the characters’ wishes and quests. This humorous and heartfelt musical follows the classic tales of Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Rapunzel—all tied together by an original story involving a baker and his wife, their wish to begin a family and their interaction with the witch who has put a curse on them."

The big-screen adaptation welcomes songs from the stage musical, including "Children Will Listen," "Giants in the Sky," "On the Steps of the Palace," "No One Is Alone" and "Agony," among others.

The production team includes Dion Beebe as director of photography, Dennis Gassner as production designer and Colleen Atwood as costume designer.

Click here to view the new production stills from the movie.

Visit Movies.Disney.com/Into-The-Woods.

Watch the trailer below:

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