Germany's 2006 World Cup Will Include Soccer Opera by Robert Wilson

Classic Arts News   Germany's 2006 World Cup Will Include Soccer Opera by Robert Wilson
The German government has commissioned an opera about soccer as part of a cultural program accompanying the 2006 World Cup, Bloomberg News reports.

The opera will be a collaboration between director Robert Wilson, music producer Hal Wilner, and singer-songwriter Herbert Groenemeyer, and will have its premiere May 31, 2006, near Berlin's Staatsoper Unter den Linden, in an outdoor venue.

In a press conference, Wilson said that the opera, tentatively titled Soccersongs, would feature projection screens and inflatable objects, and will use robots instead of actors. "The first big scene will be a soccer match with dinosaurs," Wilson said. "The second scene will show cavewomen and dinosaurs. It will be an event for the family."

The 30-million euro cultural program also features a soccer oratorio called Die Tiefe des Raumes (The Depths of Space). The oratorio's music is by Moritz Eggert, with a libretto by Michael Klaus, and it will have its premiere at the RuhrTriennale in Bochum on September 11 of this year.

The program also includes a hip-hop soccer show, a film starring John Cleese, and over 40 other projects.

"The World Cup is a chance for our country that we cannot let pass," interior minister Otto Schily wrote in the project catalogue. "We want to offer more than a first-class football tournament, [and also] promote out country far beyond the stadiums."

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