How One Chicago Actor Is Doing Her Part as an Activist

The Compass Podcast   How One Chicago Actor Is Doing Her Part as an Activist
The artists’ podcast is launching a new initiative that will focus on artists who are also activists.
Hillary Clemens
Hillary Clemens

The Compass, a podcast dedicated to the stories of working actors, writers, directors, designers, dancers, musicians, composers, and playwrights, is beginning a new initiative in which creator and host Leah Walsh will welcome guests who are both artists and activists—especially those who are taking action and working for change.

Each week, Playbill highlights Walsh’s latest episode with industry professionals who share their own stories about making art, making a living, maintaining inspiration—and using their art as activism.

In this week’s episode, actor Hillary Clemens shares her experiences with the dark side, becoming a mother as a working actor, her experiences in the Chicago theatre community, and the almost daily news roundups she’s been writing since the election in an effort to nail down the facts in a time of misinformation and distraction in the political realm.

You can follow her public posts on Facebook to view the roundups (under Hillary Clemens Harbor) or become a patron and view them at

The Compass can be downloaded for free on iTunes.

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