I Was Tom Cruise, Band Geeks, Alumni and Even The Kitchen Sink Among Titles for 10th FringeNYC

News   I Was Tom Cruise, Band Geeks, Alumni and Even The Kitchen Sink Among Titles for 10th FringeNYC
The New York International Fringe Festival has announced some of the titles to be part of this summer's 10th anniversary celebration, including some alumni shows, which will play Aug. 11-27.

FringeNYC will celebrate its tenth annual festivities in 2006 at lower Manhattan playhouses. The shows and events will take place over two weeks, as usual, will include artists from around the world. Produced by The Present Company, the event is headed up by producing artistic director Elena K. Holy.

For its decade-long anniversary, the event will welcome back 10 productions which played in previous years including 24 is 10: The Best of The 24 Hour Plays, Americana Absurdum, Complete Lost Works…Samuel Beckett, Minimum Wage: Blue Code Ringo, Never Swim Alone, Pith!, The Bicycle Men, The Pumpkin Pie Show: la petite mortes, Todd Robbins' Carnival Knowledge and Tuesdays and Sundays.

Among the other titles of the more than 250 invited include the usually attention-pleading names — some political, some naughty, some long and some all in capitals.

Some eye-catching shows are:

  • ....four one-legged men!
  • ...waiting
  • An Off-White Afternoon
  • Anna and The Annadriods: The Robots Dream Tour
  • Aspiration: Housewife
  • Blue Balls
  • Breathe... or you can die!
  • Don't Spit the Water!
  • Eenie Meanie
  • Fatboy Romeo
  • Fornicationally Challenged
  • Ha! Ha! Club
  • Happy Sauce
  • I Coulda Been A Kennedy
  • I Was Tom Cruise
  • IT'S A HIT (A Killer New Musical)
  • Look What A Wonder Jesus Has Done
  • Mothlove
  • My Nasty Bitch Wife
  • Reservoir Bitches
  • soledad.es
  • Some Kind of Pink Breakfast
  • Take On Me (adoption, addiction, and a-ha)
  • The Armageddon Dance Party
  • The Fartiste
  • The Geranium on the Window Sill Just Died
  • The Impotence of Being Earnest
  • The Inconstant Infection
  • The Kitchen Sink
  • The Penguin Tango
  • The Rabbi and the Cheerleader
  • This Won't Take Long As previous alum Urinetown did, a number of shows announce their genre within their name, including:

  • Backstage at Da Fonky B - A New Orleans Soul Musical
  • Band Geeks: A Halftime Musical
  • Categories : A simple play
  • Dinoman Evolution - A whale of a story
  • F*cking Up Everything: The Musical
  • FEAR UP: Stories from Guantanamo and Baghdad
  • i want to be MUSASHI: a clown samurai fantasy
  • Love: A Multimedia Tragedy
  • Melo-llama: A Melodrama
  • Muscle-Man vs. Skeletonman - a love story, the musical
  • Plugged: A Rock Opera
  • Suicide, The Musical
  • The Deepest Play Ever: The Catharsis of Pathos
  • THE FAN TAN KING, a new musical
  • The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A Romantic Comedy
  • The Tell-Tale Heart - a musicabre And, the standard lengthily-monikered shows feature:

  • Harriet Hopperdoodle's Hair-Brained History Test!
  • Iphigenia Crash Land Falls on the Newon Shell that was once her Heart (A Rave Fable)
  • Moral Values: A Grand Farce or Me No Likey The Homo Touch Touch The 2005 Fringe NYC took in just under $25,000 in sales (all at $15 per ticket) in its first 24 hours. With a growing track record, Fringe NYC has churned out such shows as Off-Broadway's Debbie Does Dallas, Never Swim Alone, 21 Dog Years: Doing Time @ Amazon.com, Matt & Ben, The Joys of Sex and Dog Sees God. The most successful show to come from the downtown exhibitor is Urinetown — which graduated to Off-Broadway, then Broadway and has since toured across the country.

    For more information including volunteer details, call (212) 279-4488 or visit the website at www.FringeNYC.org.

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