Late Swiss Entry to Race For The National Theatre

News   Late Swiss Entry to Race For The National Theatre

Swiss director Luc Bondy has made a late entry to the shortlist of candidates for the directorship of the National Theatre.

It may just be a desire for a change after months of bandying the same names about, but press reports suggest that the Swiss director Luc Bondy has been seen by the Board of the National Theatre as part of the process to find a replacement for Trevor Nunn.

There is no deadline as such for the Board's decision - Nunn has announced that he wants to leave next year but will wait for the Board to come up with a replacement - however it is in the National's interests to come to a conclusion fairly soon.

Appointing a foreign director to run the National seems unlikely - theatre companies are very different to opera ones (not to mention football teams) in this respect. The fact that he was interviewed may just be the Board showing that it is looking further than the immediate circle of names - including Nicholas Hytner and Jude Kelly - that have been the subject of dozens of articles already this year.

The obvious new candidates for the job - Ian McDiarmid and Jonathan Kent, joint directors of the Almeida - do not seem to have been interviewed, which, given their extraordinary success at the Islington theatre over the last decade, is a bizarre omission. Meanwhile, the search - and wait - goes on.

—by Paul Webb Theatrenow

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