London's On an Average Day Cancels Midweek Matinees

News   London's On an Average Day Cancels Midweek Matinees

It has been announced that On an Average Day, which recently extended its run at the Comedy Theatre through Nov. 3, will no longer perform midweek matinees.

On an Average Day is by John Kolvenbach and tells the story of two dysfunctional brothers, played by Woody ("Cheers," "Natural Born Killers") Harrelson and Kyle ("Blue Velvet," "Twin Peaks") MacLachlan.

Set in rural upstate New York and directed by John Crowley, it relates how Jack (MacLachlan) unexpectedly returns home after a 15-year absence to find his abandoned younger brother, Robert (Harrelson) living in a private world that is far from ordinary.

Robert is on trial for a bizarre traffic incident (a case of art imitating life, given that Harrelson has been involved, offstage, in a high-profile altercation with a London taxi driver), is hoarding a shower full of newspaper clippings and has something unsavory living in the fridge. And what has Jack been hiding from Robert all these years?

—By Theatrenow

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