MARQUEE VALUE: Soul of Shaolin at the Marquis Theatre

Marquee Value   MARQUEE VALUE: Soul of Shaolin at the Marquis Theatre
Production: Soul of Shaolin, directed and choreographed by Liu Tongbiao, music by Zhou Chenglong, starring the Shaolin Temple Wushu Martial Artists.

Previews: January 13, 2009 Opening: January 15, 2009

Closing: January 31, 2009

Venue: Marquis Theatre, 1535 Broadway, New York, NY 10036

This Shaolin Kung Fu spectacle set in ancient China during a time of war marks the first production from the People's Republic of China to play Broadway.

After being separated from his mother when he was a baby, Hui Guang was rescued and raised by monks in the Shaolin Temple. Under the guidance of his mentor, Na Luo, Hui Guang is instructed in the unique ways and daily practices of Shaolin Kung Fu. The play Soul of Shaolin combines the action of Kung Fu and the inaction of Buddhist meditation with a heart-warming story to create an organic whole. By presenting the fist technique, the tempering of the body's internal organs and the wrestling skills and tricks of traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, the play brings out their underlying spiritual essence. As a brand-new form of artistic work, Soul of Shaolin showcases the beauty and skill of traditional Shaolin Kung Fu.

Photos by Matthew Blank

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