Menuhin Foundation Fires Violinist's Son Over Remarks

Classic Arts News   Menuhin Foundation Fires Violinist's Son Over Remarks
The German branch of the Yehudi Menuhin Foundation has fired Gerard Menuhin, its president and the son of the legendary violinist who founded the organization, the Associated Press reports.

The Yehudi Menuhin Stiftung Deutschland asked the younger Menuhin to step down after he was quoted as saying that it is "not healthy" to continue to hold Germany responsible for the crimes of the Nazi era. He ignored the request, and was eventually fired.

The comments appeared in the Deutsche Stimme ("German Voice"), a newspaper published by the right-wing National Democratic Party.

"The Yehudi Menuhin Foundation distances itself completely from the content of the comments made by Gerard Menuhin, and sharply condemns the naming of our foundation and its activities in a media outlet that the [German] Interior Ministry has said 'must be considered part of the extreme right,'" a statement from the foundation read.

The Menuhin Foundation is devoted to music education and cross-cultural exchanges.

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