Milwaukee Ballet Changes Dancer Hierarchy

Classic Arts News   Milwaukee Ballet Changes Dancer Hierarchy
Michael Pink, artistic director of the Milwaukee Ballet, has changed the company's hierarchy of dancers, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports.

Instead of categories starting with principal dancers on top and then soloists, corps, apprentices, and trainees, the company now has a simpler three-part structure: leading artists, artists, and apprentices.

Pink said that the new hierarchy suits the 26-dancer company much better. "The principals system works best in a large company," he said. "This better represents the way we operate."

Leading roles usually taken by principal dancers are often given to soloists and corps dancers at the company, according to the Journal Sentinel.

After the departure of two of the company's three principals—Yumelia Garcia and Amy Fote—Pink auditioned about 20 dancers, and selected nine to add to the company.

"I've never seen such a lineup of good people," Pink said of the dancers who auditioned. "I was very impressed with the standard, especially of the men."

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