Montreal Symphony Musicians and Management Resume Contract Talks

Classic Arts News   Montreal Symphony Musicians and Management Resume Contract Talks
The Montreal Symphony's management and its striking musicians have agreed to resume contract negotiations, the MSO announced today.

The talks, which ended in August with the two sides at an impasse, will "begin again as soon as possible."

The musicians' four-month strike has already forced the cancellation of the first four concerts of the 2005-06 season, which was to begin on September 20. At issue are work rules relating to rehearsals, tours, and recordings, as well as salary. Management has repeatedly asserted that the orchestra cannot maintain the world-class status it attained under former music director Charles Dutoit without cutting costs.

At the request of the mediator overseeing the talks, both sides have agreed not to comment on the talks once they are underway. And both sides, according to a statement, have "reiterated their desire to reach a conclusion satisfactory to both parties, to clear the way for the resumption of concerts by the orchestra."

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