Mr. Miranda Goes to Washington

Inside Track   Mr. Miranda Goes to Washington
A few months ago, Tony winner Lin-Manuel Miranda was asked by President Obama and the first lady to come to Washington  D.C. and perform for a very special evening of poetry at the White House.

And so, off Mr. Miranda perform for the President.  The selection? A rap about the life of one of the country's Founding Fathers, Alexander Hamilton-- a man who, as Lin explained to the audience: "embodies hip hop."

An apropos selection, but certainly not a conventional one.   What in the world do these two things have in common?  "He embodies the word's ability to make a difference, " Lin explained.

Few know the true power of the spoken word better than Lin.  Broadway witnessed this in In The Heights, a show that has been praised for its inspiring score and spectacular performances.  It's received equal note for its ability to educate and enlighten the public about an area of New York and a culture that before, may have gotten a bad rap (pun intended).

Perhaps it's the former teacher in him that gives him the drive to create art that informs as well as entertains.  First it was about the life and people of Washington Heights and now, it's American history.

The White House shared the special performance on their official YouTube channel. Check out the footage below.  Who knows?  Maybe you'll learn something.

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