Mystery of Piano Found on Scottish Mountain Solved

Classic Arts News   Mystery of Piano Found on Scottish Mountain Solved
The mystery of how a piano found its way to the top of Ben Nevis, Scotland's highest mountain, has been solved, reports London's Daily Telegraph.

As previously reported, the Edinburgh-based John Muir Trust announced yesterday that its volunteers were surprised to discover the instrument, which was missing its keyboard, under a pile of stones near the 4,418ft peak. A best before date of 1986 on a biscuit wrapper indicated it had been there for decades.

As it turns out, the piano is actually an organ, and has been on the mountain for more than 35 years. Kenny Campbell, a woodcutter from the Highlands, told the Telegraph he carried it up the summit as a stunt to raise money for a charity cancer in 1971.

Campbell said, "It took me four days to get the organ to the top and when I did I played Scotland the Brave. I am quite sure that what they found is the organ. It had no keys on it because I stripped them off and gave them to friends - I had quite a lot of fans in those days."

Campbell, 64, has also carried a beer barrel, a plough and a gas cylinder up Ben Nevis.

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