New Boston Chamber Opera Company Established

Classic Arts News   New Boston Chamber Opera Company Established
A new chamber opera group has been established in Boston. Four college graduates, all in their twenties, have founded OperaHub this year to address the barrier presented by the high ticket prices at some opera houses; they will admit concertgoers at little to no charge.

The company's top priority is ticket affordability, cofounder and soprano Brittany Duncan explained last week in The Boston Globe. OperaHub, working in association with New York's Sebastian Chamber Players, also strives for artistic accessibility and minimized production costs without a sacrifice in performance caliber.

OperaHub will offer listeners an intimate setting using a small venue and spartan sets. Its home, Lothrups Auditorium of the Community Church of Boston, is a stageless black box theater; the company seeks to unify the audience and performers on one level. In place of an orchestra, a string quartet and piano will play arrangements by J. Jacob Krause, OperaHub's stage director.

"OperaHub is taking opera out of the museum and putting it in the bar. We're taking the plastic shell off and putting it in the street," Krause told In Newseekly last month. "It's all about making this ancient art form that has a questioning relevance to modern life and reviving it with a fresh perspective."

The group hopes to pull off one or two productions next season. "Producing one show is a big deal for us," said Krause.

The company's inaugural production, opening tomorrow night and repeating the following evening with free admission, is Mozart's Idomeneo. "It is a fairly malleable piece, not really being a part of the traditional Mozart canon — we felt it would easily mesh with our musico-dramatic aesthetic," Krause told the Globe. "And it's got great music."

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