New York Musical Theatre Festival Announces "Invited" Shows in 2006 Line-Up

News   New York Musical Theatre Festival Announces "Invited" Shows in 2006 Line-Up
The New York Musical Theatre Festival—the annual fall event that led to the hit Off-Broadway musicals Altar Boyz and [title of show]—has announced the invited productions to be featured in the 2006 line-up.

The invited shows will be seen in full stagings, and complement NYMF's "Next Link" juried shows that were previously announced. Among the invited productions:

Behind the Limelight
Book, Music & Lyrics by Christopher Curtis
"Behind the Limelight explores the life and art of Charlie Chaplin, one of the world’s most beloved performers, with one of history’s most turbulent careers. Featuring three actors as Chaplin—the child, the tramp and the old man—[the show] takes us from his vaudeville days to his groundbreaking work behind and in-front of the camera, his first wife to his third, his American naturalization to the exile brought about by Hollywood’s gossip mill and the House Un-American Activities Committee."

The Children
Book and Lyrics by Stan Richardson, Music by Hal Goldberg
"The Children is a new musical comedy based on the low-budget 1980 b-horror movie of the same title.  A low-hanging cloud of radioactive waste turns a school bus full of children into second-rate zombies, who proceed to track down and zap their negligent parents one by one."

Gutenberg! The Musical!
Book and Lyrics by Anthony King, Music and Lyrics by Anthony King and Scott Brown
"Anthony King and Scott Brown are the masterminds behind Doug Simon and Bud Davenport—two simple dolts who set out to musicalize quite possibly the least musical event in history: the creation of the printing press." 

Having It Almost
Book by David Goldsmith & Wendy Perelman, Music by John Kavanaugh, Lyrics by David Goldsmith, with additional songs by Jeff Blumenkrantz, Anne Kessler & Libby Saines, and Stephen Schwartz.
"A blackout maroons five women in their 40’s at JFK Airport.  This new musical addresses contemporary issues like infidelity, infertility, career vs. family, being single by choice (and not-by-choice), and the myths of motherhood as these women slowly open up to and learn from each other, ultimately changing one another’s destinations for the better." J.O.B. The Hip-Hopera
Book & Lyrics by Jerome Sable & Eli Batalion, Music by Jerome Sable, Eli Batalion & Joe Barrucco
"The New York premiere of L.A.'s hit musical retelling of the book of Job. "

The Man in My Head
Book by Thomas F. DeFrantz, Music and Lyrics by Michael Wartofsky
"Drew Durango wants it all: a loving relationship with a rock-steady African-American man, solid friendships with Chelsea party boys and a way to share his world with his Granny in Indianapolis.  But after seven years living in New York, he still hasn't quite figured it out, careening in and out of love and entanglements with a handsome but closeted attorney, a Zen-like children’s basketball coach, a sister on a mission to find a husband, a hard-partying Harlem Hospital nurse and his nephew from the Midwest.  A one-man rhythm-and-blues-laden tour-de-force starring Obie Award-winning actor Darius de Haas."

Night of the Hunter
Book and lyrics by Stephen Cole, Music by Claibe Richardson
"Love and Hate co-exist in all of us, but when an evil West Virginia depression era Preacher with those words tattooed on his hands goes after $10,000 hidden in a little girl’s doll, the eternal battle between good and evil becomes a musical thriller that takes a little boy on a coming of age journey."

The Paisley Sisters' Christmas Special 
Book by Jim Ansart, Jill Benjamin, Brett Silverman & Steve Silverman; Music by Bret Silverman; Lyrics by Jim Ansart, Jill Benjamin and Bret Silverman
"It's 1964.  Kennedy's dead.  The Beatles have arrived.  And the Paisley Sisters (Connie, Bonnie, Lonnie, and Abigail) are airing a brand-new color-television holiday extravaganza that they hope will put them back in the Top 40.  A book musical with 20 original songs wrapped in a send-up of early holiday television specials and the people who did them."

Party Come Here
Book by Daniel Goldfarb, Music by David Kirshenbaum, Lyrics by David Kirshenbaum
"A nervous groom, a statue of Christ, and a 500-year-old Jewish caveman converge to make miracles happen during a tropical storm o­n o­ne magical night in Rio."

The Tragic and Horrible Life of the Singing Nun
Book and Additional Lyrics by Blair Fell, Music and Lyrics by Andy Monroe
"The dark, dangerous and hilarious story of the ill-fated nun who sang the Grammy-winning 60’s hit 'Dominique-nique-nique.'  Told through the eyes of a nun named Sister Coco Callmeishmael, [this show] gazes through an irreverent pop-culture prism, pulling every candy-colored piece of Catholic Camp out of the box to recount Sister Smilie's uproariously funny, but ultimately tragic story of sky-rocketing fame and meteoric decline."

This Could Be Love
Book, Music and, Lyrics by Brock Simpson
"He's a jingle writer; she's a full-time temp.  Stood up and fed up, they decide to cheat fate and fall in love…whether they like each other or not.  A quirky two-hander direct from Canada."

Book and Lyrics by Dean Bryant, Music by Mathew Frank
"A musical threesome you’ll want to join, Virgins features teenagers touring their song-and -dance abstinence show, a burlesque look at the world of internet porn, and 'Refugee Idol.'"  

What A Glorious Feeling
Book, Music, and Lyrics by Jay Berkow
"The true story of how the creators of 'Singin in the Rain' birthed what many consider to be the best musical comedy of all time."

White Noise
Music, Lyrics and Book by Joe Drymala, with additional songs by Rick Crom, Glen Kelly, Laurence O'Keefe, Stephen Sisten and Eric Svejcar
"It's better to be a star than to wear one.  Adorable teen sisters Blanche and Eva, lead the band White Noise, which mixes irresistible harmonies… with white power rhetoric.  Their controversial rise to fame parallels a growing white supremacist movement that threatens to engulf America, and Blanche and Eva prove themselves to be masters of the most terrifying and unstoppable form of racism in today's culture: Top Forty pop."

NYMF is a three-week presentation of new musicals. The 2006 Festival is slated for Sept. 10-Oct. 1 at various Off-Broadway theatres throughout Manhattan. The Festival launched shows that have found life beyond the three-week event:Altar Boyz, The Great American Trailer Park Musical, Captain Louie. More recently, [title of show] and Shout! had developmental productions under the NYMF umbrella.

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