NYMF Adds Bonnie & Clyde, College, Hatpin and Idaho! to 2008 Line-Up

News   NYMF Adds Bonnie & Clyde, College, Hatpin and Idaho! to 2008 Line-Up
Bonnie & Clyde, The Road to Ruin, Play It Cool and Idaho! are among the newly announced titles for the fifth annual New York Musical Theatre Festival.

The 14 titles join the line-up for the three-week festival of new musicals that is scheduled to run Sept. 15-Oct. 5.

Previously announced titles for NYMF's Next Link Project include About Face, Bedbugs! The Musical, Castronauts, Cyclone and The Pig Faced Lady, Jason and Ben, The Jerusalem Syndrome, Love Jerry, To Paint the Earth, Twilight In Manchego and Wood.

The Next Link musicals Fucking Up Everything and Midnight, South Carolina will not be presented in the 2008 Festival, as previously announced. NYMF intends to schedule them for the 2009 line-up.

Additional 2008 NYMF Musicals include:

  • Bonnie & Clyde
    Book by Hunter Foster, music and lyrics by Rick Crom
    "Bonnie & Clyde is a toe-tappin', gun-slingin', cross-dressin' romp through the Depression-era Southwest, where America's most famous criminal duo find themselves runnin' from J. Edgar Hoover and straight into each other's arms…as long as they don't kill each other first."
  • The Bubble: A Musical Dot-Comedy
    Book by Karen J. Paull, music by David Pack, lyrics by Karen J. Paull and David Pack
    "Welcome to Silicon Valley, circa 1991, a magical place packed with scooter parks, massage parlors…and 'options'…in something called…THE DOT COM. Nobody knows what it is but everybody wants a piece…"
  • College: The Musical
    Book, music and lyrics by Drew Fornarola and Scott Elmegreen
    "Endless parties. Skipping classes. Wii bowling. And…um…finding yourself? Welcome to College: The Musical, a slice of contemporary dorm life and one hook-up you WILL remember the next morning."
  • Fancy Boys Follies
    Book and lyrics by David Pevsner, music by Michael Skloff, Jamie Forsyth, Michael Orland, Mark Hummel, Chris Lavely and David Pevsner
    "Down and dirty meets brains and heart as five sexy men sing, dance and strip in this funny, filthy, fabulous low-rent Ziegfeld Follies…"
  • The Hatpin
    Book and lyrics by James Millar, music by Peter Rutherford
    "When impoverished single Australian mother Amber Murray finds herself with no choice but to board her ailing son with a kindly rich couple, she unknowingly embarks on a journey that will change the lives of women everywhere."
  • Heaven in Your Pocket
    Book by Mark Houston, Francis J. Cullinan and Dianne Sposito, music and lyrics by Mark Houston
    "What's a broad to do when her no-good ex-husband dies and leaves their daughter his run-down Kansas City juke joint in his will? Tap your toes and clap along as you watch the incorrigible Arlene Davis pack the other two members of the 'Heavenly Belles' singing trio – her daughter Kay Lee and her best friend Celeste – into the pickup and high-tail it to Kansas City for a fresh start!"
  • I Come For Love
    Book, music and lyrics by Terrence Atkins and Jeffery Lyle Segal
    "A jaded reporter in search of a story. An adorable alien looking for love. A small town diner in need of a waitress. Intergalactic sparks and saucers fly in this screwball comedy that might just turn out to be the story of the century."
  • Idaho!
    Book and lyrics by Buddy Sheffield
    Music by Buddy Sheffield and Keith Thompson
    "Yee-haw! Whip Masters, Jed Strunk, Manny Meany, Aunt Pearlie and the rest of the gang are rarin’ to introduce you to potato country's simplest pleasures — square-dancin’, spud-peelin’…and devirginizin' — in this razor-sharp spoof of one of Broadway's most beloved classics."
  • Max and the Truffle Pig
    Book by Suzanne Bradbeer, music by Bert Draesel and lyrics by Nancy Leeds
    Based on the story by Judith Gwyn Brown
    "A nine-year-old aspiring chef and his beloved pig Suzette head deep into the French woods in search of the legendary…the elusive…the absolutely positively most delicious of all delicious foods…the truffle. Will they find it in time for the Countess's royal dinner?"
  • Play It Cool
    Book by Larry Dean Harris and Martin Casella, lyrics by Mark Winkler, music by Phillip Swann, with additional musical contributions by David Benoit, Michael Cruz, Marilyn Harris, Robert Kraft, Emilio Palame, Joe Pasquale and Dan Siegel.
    Directed by Sharon Rosen
    "It's 1953 and there’s only one jazz club in town for boys seeking boys and girls seeking girls: Mary's Hideaway. Welcome to Hollywood, a steamy almost-fairyland where everyone you meet wants to be a star and a few of 'em might damn well make it…just as long as they Play It Cool."
  • She Can’t Believe She Said That!
    Book, music and lyrics by Matt Prager
    "The original Kathie Lee-sical. Watch as our plucky heroine converts, cajoles and connives her way through churches, recording studios and one very special long-running talk show to national fame...and international infamy."
  • That Other Woman's Child
    Book, music and lyrics by Sherry Landrum and George S. Clinton
    "When the Hanovers hear their long-lost big city half-sister – 'that other woman's child' — is coming to claim her share of the farm, all heck breaks loose! Little do they know that she's actually coming to connect with the family she never knew."
  • The Road to Ruin
    Book, music and lyrics by William Zeffiro
    "Welcome to The Road To Ruin (The 1928 Exploitation Musical)…where sex, bad mommies, worse daddies, bottled water and Christians conspire to bring down Little Sally Canfield, 'The Nicest Girl at Central High.'"
  • Villa Diodati
    Book by Collette Inez and Mira J. Spektor, music and additional lyrics by Mira J. Spektor, lyrics by Colette Inez, additional lyrics by Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley and William Wordsworth
    "Switzerland, 1816. Two of literature's most romantic and haunted couples — Mary and Percy Bysshe Shelley and their friends Lord Byron and his mistress Claire — spend a summer writing, sailing, telling ghost stories and discovering the joys and tragedies of love in this new chamber musical." Casting, creative duties and theatres will be announced at a later date.

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