NYMF Adds L.A. Hit Re-Animator the Musical, Le Cabaret Grimm and Zapata! to Summer Line-Up

News   NYMF Adds L.A. Hit Re-Animator the Musical, Le Cabaret Grimm and Zapata! to Summer Line-Up
Re-Animator the Musical, which earned the L.A. Drama Critics Circle Award for Best Score, will receive its New York debut featuring Emmy nominee George Wendt, as part of the New York Musical Theatre Festival this summer.

NYMF has swapped its annual fall presentation for a July 9-29 run. The latest announcement of 10 new musicals joins the previously reported Next Link productions.

The latest NYMF musicals follow:

Baby Case
Book, music and lyrics by Michael Ogborn
"In 1927, publicity-shy Charles Lindbergh, Jr. makes the first non-stop, solo flight across the Atlantic and becomes a great American hero, the envy of millions… until his infant son is kidnapped, setting off the first true media circus of modern times! A kaleidoscopic look at a nation gripped by gossip and hypnotized by the strobe of flash bulbs as one family's personal tragedy spirals into a national obsession and a murder trial morphs into sensationalized, headline entertainment."

Himself and Nora
Book, music and lyrics by Jonathan Brielle
"One of the greatest romances of the 20th Century – Nora, a passionate chambermaid, becomes lover and muse to the brilliant and hard-drinking novelist, Mr. James Joyce… Himself! While his writings exile them from their beloved Ireland and bring the condemnation of the Catholic Church, their bawdy partnership inspires some of the most bubbling wordplay ever written in the English language. Directed by Michael Bush, this tuneful journey launches two soul mates through three tumultuous decades of laughter and art."

How Deep Is the Ocean?
Book by Pia Cincotti
Music and lyrics by Peter Cincotti
"It's summer and the temperature's rising when suddenly every beach on the Jersey Shore is threatened with closure: The water is too polluted for swimming! That is until Rob – a small town pool technician – stumbles upon an opportunity that will change his life and save the sea. But when a local handy man's lust for power and revenge threatens Rob's world, the two rivals are thrust into battle to restore the ocean and win the heart of a woman they both love. A musical comedy about love, lust, and chlorine." Le Cabaret Grimm
Book and lyrics by Jason Slavick
Music by Cassandra Marsh
"Celebrating the grim in the Brothers Grimm and putting the gory in a bedtime story, Boston's Liars and Believers Lab brings their neo-burlesque punk cabaret to NYC. Hosted by chanteuse Veronique du Blahblahblah and complete with masks, puppetry, dance, demons, and talking chickens, Le Cabaret Grimm spins an original tale wrapped in variety show drag. It's a journey of loss, longing and desire tinged with the darkness of Berlin, a soupçon of Paris and the strong whiff of a downtown Bowery dive."

Re-Animator the Musical
Book by Dennis Paoli, Stuart Gordon and William Norris
Music and lyrics by Mark Nutter
Adapted from the story by H.P. Lovecraft
Based on the film "H.P. Lovecraft's Re-Animator" produced by Brian Yuzna
"A brilliant young medical student discovers a glowing, green serum that can bring the dead back to life… unfortunately, with disastrous results! Based on the classic stories of H.P. Lovecraft and the sly 1985 cult horror film, Re-Animator the Musical arrives straight from its award-winning LA run, with a wildly eclectic score, George Wendt of 'Cheers' in the cast, and more special stage effects than you can shake a severed limb at. Take a seat down front in the Spatter Zone for an even bloodier good time!

Requiem for a Lost Girl
Book and lyrics by Onalea Gilbertson
With additional material by the Chorus
Music by Marcel Bergmann
"A heartfelt journey of darkness and hope exploring mental illness, addiction, the murder of a young homeless woman, and the turn-away tragedy of our broken social system. This Brechtian Modern Age oratorio of strikingly original compositions will be performed by a chamber ensemble with a Choir, multiple Soloists, and a special chorus of men and women who have themselves grappled with the stigma of homelessness – all sharing their very personal stories of love, loss, grief and beauty."

Stand Tall
Book and lyrics by Lee Wyatt-Buchan
Music by Aldie and Sandy Chalmers
"It's David vs. Goliath – but not a slingshot in sight! When shepherd boy David is prophesized to become the next king… heck, he'd rather be a rock star, anyway. Not that tough guy Goliath'll let some freakin' sheep-lover take the crown, setting the stage for the biblical rivals to clash in an epic Guitar Hero battle! Following a successful run in the UK, this family-friendly rock musical takes on the issue of bullying as it spins its tale of a little guy who must overcome obstacles, face fears and finally: Stand Tall!"

The Groove Factory
Book by Chad Kessler and David James Boyd
Music and lyrics by David James Boyd
"Welcome to New York City, designer drug capital of the world: it’s New Years Eve, 1999! With 'Y2K Doomsday' panic in full swing, Chazz escapes to the city from Virginia, hoping to gain entry to the hottest party on the planet – taking place on the eve of apocalypse at the last mega-dance club still standing! Hosted by DJ D. Vinyl and featuring a pulsating original score of electronic pop-dance music, The Groove Factory journeys back to that mind-bending place whose drop-dead-on-the-dance-floor legend lives on forever."

Book by Michael Alvarez
Music and lyrics by Ella Grace
"Everybody knows the real education in high school doesn’t happen in the classroom. And that learning never comes easy. It's about absent parents and star-crossed love, insecure crushes and rekindled flames. It's about beer and weed and all night parties where the geek steals secret kisses with the hottest jock on the team. It's about music bursting with the pain, love, friendship, and sexuality of growing up. It's about 24 Hours…7 Friends…Forever Changed. Everybody ready for Trouble?"

Book by Ana and Peter Edwards
Music and lyrics by Peter Edwards
"An idealistic Occupy Wall Street protestor teeters on the angry edge of violence, when suddenly… Emiliano Zapata, hero of the Mexican Revolution, appears to show him the right way to fight for the disenfranchised 99%! Rage rock meets mariachi music as a 21st Century economic warrior travels back in time to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with ordinary people struggling for their land and the lives of their families, alongside one of the greatest revolutionaries of modern times."

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