Oregon Symphony Fires Ten Administrative Staffers to Cut Costs

Classic Arts News   Oregon Symphony Fires Ten Administrative Staffers to Cut Costs
The Oregon Symphony has laid off ten members of its administrative staff in an effort to curb its deficit, reports The Oregonian. The layoffs came from the marketing, development and education departments; no musicians lost their jobs.

The orchestra ended its most recent fiscal year with a $989,000 deficit and the previous year with a $1.2 million deficit. Gerald R. Hulsman, interim president of the Oregon Symphony Association, told the paper, "It was pretty apparent we had to do something, posthaste."

Those cuts, according to The Oregonian, included clerical workers and the vice president of communications, and will save the orchestra $500,000 this fiscal year. A fundraising campaign last year was successful, but revenue fell short of expenses. Maria M. Pope, the Oregon Symphony board chairwoman, told the paper, "Our intent is to be more efficient and a more fiscally responsible organization." She said the board is likely to make additional cuts.

The contracts of the 84 full-time musicians currently employed with the Oregon Symphony end this month and will be renegotiated after a new association president begins work, according to the report.

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