Photo Journal: Michael York Stars When "Strauss Meets Frankenstein" at Long Beach Opera

Classic Arts Features   Photo Journal: Michael York Stars When "Strauss Meets Frankenstein" at Long Beach Opera
In a unique double bill, stage and screen actor Michael York will journey from melodrama to pandemonium with Long Beach Opera March 14 through 16.

This pairing sees York tackling Lord Alfred Tennyson's Enoch Arden in the first act and H.C. Artmann's Frankenstein!! (with score by Austrian composer H. K. Gruber) in the second.

Production notes state that Enoch Arden is a "haunting, powerful story of love and loss" for which "Richard Strauss wrote a rich and powerful score to accompany the poem. His music colors the text evoking different moods and characters (the original meaning of melodrama). Music, poetry and narration bring to life this emotionally charged drama of love, passion, and desperate, fateful choices."

The story itself follows the lives of three friends in an 18th century English fishing village. The events that follow include an unlikely love triangle and a shipwreck. It has been described as a "powerful testimony to true love." Michael York has performed the piece to great acclaim nationally and internationally. This presentation marks the West Coast Premiere of his Enoch Arden.

In the second half, York is joined by a cast of life-size puppets by the Rogue Artists Ensemble. Together they "enter the wild, wacky, eerie world of modern composer H. K. Gruber's Frankenstein!!, a 'pan-demonium' for chansonnier and orchestra, where childhood fantasies collide with adult nightmares."

This double bill will run for 3 performances at the Long Beach Performing Arts Center in Long Beach, CA. A lecture will precede each performance, starting one hour before curtain.

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Photos contributed by Doris Koplik, Keith Ian Polakoff, Tyler Stamets and Pat York.

Michael York with a Rogue Artists Ensemble disembodied head and the "head" of Richard Strauss
Lead Puppet Designer Joyce Hutter
Artistic and General Director Andreas Mitisek
Michael York in an early rehearsal for Enoch Arden
Rogue Artists Ensemble conceptual artwork by Patrick Rubio
Michael York with his Rogue Artists Ensemble "friends"
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