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Cue and A PLAYBILL.COM'S CUE & A: Graham Alexander of Broadway's Let It Be Graham Alexander, one of the hardworking musicians delivering the music of The Beatles to Broadway audiences in Let It Be, fills out's questionnaire of random facts, backstage trivia and pop-culture tidbits.
Graham Alexander

Alexander is a singer-songwriter who spends his time writing and performing nationally with his band Graham Alexander & Co.

In 2010, he made his Broadway debut in Rain. Shortly after, he released his LP of original rock and power-pop compositions to worldwide acclaim, with the single "Biggest Fan" peaking at #6 on Spotify's "Top Tracks Picked by Users Playlist" in 2011.

Full given name:
Graham Alexander

Where you were born/where you were raised:
I was born in Camden, NJ. Raised in Camden County (among others!)

Zodiac Sign:

What your parents did/do for a living:
My mom is an artist/dancer and my dad is a musician.

I actually have no "full siblings." So I grew up an only child but with many half siblings that I didn't see as much as I may have liked to.

Current audition song/monologue:
Hmmmm I guess this would depend on what I'm auditioning for, but if I had to pick one song to sing it might be "Piece of My Heart" - Janis' version. I'm not entirely sure why. I believe there is very little hope in me getting the lead in the new Janis musical coming to Broadway.

Special skills:
I love composition, engineering (recording), poetry, guitar, bass, drums, piano, vocal arrangements, singing, staging. I'm not entirely adverse to faking large portions of the French language.

Something you're REALLY bad at:
French. Eating healthy. Awkward run-ins. Not getting cast as the same character in two Broadway shows. Fake laughing at something I don't find funny. Not breaking my phone. Not being opinionated. Picking the mint antacids instead of the berry flavored antacids at the store and then getting all the way home and realizing I dislike this flavor. Also, DRIVING and seeing out of my one eye.

First Broadway show you ever saw:
Jesus Christ Superstar

If you could go back in time and catch any Broadway show, what would it be?
The Vagabond King, mainly because the only other "Graham Alexander" on Broadway was in this show, according to IBDB.

Current show other than your own you have been recommending to friends:

Favorite showtune(s) of all time:
"As Time Goes By" (Yes! This counts.), "Til There Was You," "The Lady Is a Tramp," "Damned For All Time/Blood Money," "Nice Work If You Can Get It"

Favorite musicals:
Too many.... listing and forgetting some would be a sin.

Broadway or screen stars of the past you would most have loved to perform with:
Fred Astaire, Lucille Ball, Frank Sinatra, Bette Davis, Joan Crawford.... Frank Sinatra (again), John Lennon

Your personal vocal idols, living or dead:
Frank Sinatra, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Jim Morrison, Murray Head, Dolores O'Riordan, Paul McCartney, Janis Joplin, Prince, Steven Tyler, Paul Rodgers, Carole King.....etc. etc. etc. Again...too many!

The one performance – attended - that you will never forget:
I saw Cream at Madison Square Garden in 2005... that was pretty intense. There are so many performances, from concerts to Broadway, I could say but… I say Cream. I believe I saw one of the last performances from a band from the 60s (all the band members still together) on a stage together... for the last time. The Stones, The Beatles, Zeppelin won't ever be able to have that luxury. Unfortunately.

Music that makes you cry, any genre:
SO much. "God Only Knows" by Brian Wilson, "As Time Goes By"… usually individual songs hit me worse than entire genres. Cyndi's "Time After Time" might be one. And even an unnamed Madonna song has moved me to tears... nononononono... I mean... moved me to hitting things. Yea. That's what I did.

MAC or PC?
Both. I'm a MAC Convert. I hope the PC manufacturers start bringing up their standards. I still love Windows, but being in the recording world I'm forced to use a MAC. The upside is I've had the same one for 3+ years... and it's exactly the same as it was the day I bought it.

Most played song on your iPod:

Last book you read:
"Tarantula" - Dylan

Must-see TV show(s):

Last good movie you saw:
Summer has been bleak for me personally. I see A LOT of films. "The Big Wedding" was a nice film.

Some films you consider classics:
"Mrs. Doubtfire," "A Christmas Story," "Big"

Performer you would drop everything to go see:
Hmmmmm... depends on what "everything" is. Some people I'd like to see: Sara Bareilles, Aerosmith, Prince.

Pop culture guilty pleasure:

Three favorite cities:
New York City, London, Philadelphia (means I'm home!!!)

Favorite sport/team/player:
I appreciate so many. I'm REALLY odd. I like SO many eras… for so many reasons: Philadelphia Phillies: Mike Schmidt, Steve Carlton, Tug McGraw, Pete Rose New York Yankees: The Babe, DiMaggio, Gehrig.... among many.

First CD/Tape/LP you owned:
Probably The Doors' "Morrison Hotel." Could also be Chumbawumba- but I don't want to admit that.

Moment you knew you wanted to perform for a living:
The second I got my first guitar!!

Favorite liquid refreshment:
Coke and water

Pre-show rituals or warm-ups:
I have this idea that potato chips help my vocal cords... sometimes I do that. Mostly just water and warming up a little bit.

Five favorite rock bands of all time:
The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and The Band, Prince and The Revolution, The Cars, Aerosmith (there are lots more.... lots and lots and lots)

Have you had the opportunity to meet any of the Beatles?
Met Ringo!! Lovely guy!

What has been the biggest challenge about this project?
The biggest challenge by far for doing this type of show was relearning the bass guitar... left-handed for the role.

What has been the most fun or fulfilling aspect?
Entertaining audiences! That's what matters the most to me.

Worst flubbed line/missed cue/onstage mishap:
Lets see.... I've split my pants. That was pretty weird.

Worst job you ever had:
I worked sound at a dance studio for a while. I also have been in countless bands that played TOO many bad gigs. But in retrospect all of those things are hilarious stories that make me happy to have done them.... even if they weren't so great at the time.

If you could trade roles with anyone in the cast for a week, who would it be?
I wouldnt want to! To be honest- I'd rather be engineering at front of house.

Craziest audition story:
Auditioned for a film once- messed up the line... got flustered... got released within, easily, 20 seconds of walking in the room. Oh well! I think the film got canceled anyway when the economy dropped out in 2008/9.

Any upcoming or side projects you can talk about?
Right now I'm working a 2nd "Graham Alexander" album. The first one was really well received and we toured with it for about 2 years. It's part of the reason I'm back on Broadway. So the next album is a lot of labor, but it's incredibly full of energy and I can't wait to tour with it.

Something you are incredibly proud of:
I'm proud to have the desire to keep doing what I love- nothing more.

Something you're embarrassed to admit:
Ariana Grande once came to a show I was doing at the Neil Simon Theatre and I had no idea who she was. She is massive and I love her voice and music, but I had no idea upon meeting her! Oh well. Til we meet again, Ariana!

Career you would want if not a performer:
None! I'll live and die by it!

Three things you can't live without:
Songs, people, instruments

"I'll never understand why…"
... people allow the extreme use of corrective auto-tuning in music (particularly live!). If you are using it as a vocal effect (see Cher), that is completely acceptable. But to use it in a corrective... is it not... lying?

Words of advice for aspiring performers:
Prove them all wrong!

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