POP!, Invisible City and Cancer? Selected for Yale Institute for Music Theatre

News   POP!, Invisible City and Cancer? Selected for Yale Institute for Music Theatre
Musicals about Andy Warhol, Kublai Khan and one man's battle against cancer have been selected to receive workshops during the inaugural Yale Institute for Music Theatre season.

Veteran director Mark Brokaw is the artistic director for the Institute, a joint venture between the Yale School of Drama and the Yale School of Music that seeks to develop the work of graduate and recent post-graduate students. The Yale Institute for Music Theatre runs June 7-21.

The first musical selected for the workshop is Sam Wessels' Cancer? The Musical. "About to graduate from college, intrepid Sam had a lot in front of him," read Cancer? press notes. "He had an acting career to start, musicals to produce, and the mysteries of adulthood waiting to uncover. Then for a graduation gift, he got leukemia. Cancer? the musical is an ingenious, funny, heartfelt, and unsentimental depiction of Sam's roller-coaster ride through the first dizzying nine months of his diagnosis and treatment-and how the cure ended up transforming his life long after the cancer itself was gone."

Also on Yale's plate is Christopher Cerrone's Invisible Cities. "In Invisible Cities," press notes reveal, "Kublai Khan, sensing that the end of his empire is imminent, looks to young explorer Marco Polo to prevent the fall. Instead, Polo recounts stories of his many journeys-to far-reaching lands and through the landscape of his memory-illuminating why the fall of Kahn's empire is inevitable."

The final presentation will be POP!, featuring book and lyrics by Maggie-Kate Coleman and music by Anna K. Jacobs. "POP! re-imagines the events leading up to the shooting of Andy Warhol as a pop-art murder mystery show, with his New York Factory cohorts taking on the roles of stock detective film characters. With Candy Darling, the beautiful pre-op transsexual, acting as hostess, the artist is confronted by his relationships, his art, and perhaps his greatest creation: Andy Warhol," according to Yale.

Additional staffing and casting for the Yale Institute for Music Theatre will be announced shortly.

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