Richard Foreman Declares King Cowboy Rufus Rules the Universe, Jan. 8

News   Richard Foreman Declares King Cowboy Rufus Rules the Universe, Jan. 8
Chances are that the detractors of the current President of the United States will like the title of avant garde director-playwright Richard Foreman's new play, King Rufus Cowboy Rules the Universe.
Richard Foreman
Richard Foreman

The production, which stars Jay Smith, Juliana Francis and T. Ryder Smith, will begin Jan. 8 at the East Village's Ontological Theater for a run through April 18. The show concerns a George W. Bush wannabe, an English fop who dreams of becoming a cowboy-like hero.

Both Smiths and Francis are veterans of Foreman's work. The vulpine Francis, in particular, has been the lead actress in three of the last five Foreman works, which appear, like clockwork, every January.

As with past Foreman plays, certain things can be safely expected, among them: an aural landscape of music and sound effects; an abstract, disjointed text; a brief running time devoid of intermission; and a long run stretching into April.

Foreman's other plays include Bad Boy Nietzsche Hotel Paradise, Pearls for Pigs, Benita Canova and What Did He See?, most of which featured, in production, Foreman's trademark cluttered set designs, festooned with mirrors reflecting the audience and strings stretched across the playing area.

Tickets are $25. The Ontological Theatre is located at 131 E. 10th St. In Manhattan. For information, call (212) 533-4650.

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