Sarah Jones Travels Bridge & Tunnel to Tony Award in Broadway Debut

Tony Awards   Sarah Jones Travels Bridge & Tunnel to Tony Award in Broadway Debut
"I just feel like Sally Field or something. 'They really like me!'," said the season's first official Tony Award winner, Sarah Jones, who earned a Special Tony for her acclaimed Broadway debut in the solo Bridge & Tunnel.
Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones Photo by Aubrey Reuben

The young actress delves nightly into the varied vocal stylings and physical mannerisms of the more than a dozen participants of a local community poetry slam. The humble Jones was more happy for what the award means for her community than for her own career.

"I feel like it's especially a triumph for the little-shows-that-could. [Bridge & Tunnel] is very different from the huge, multi-squillion dollar musicals that we love, of course, but they're very different from our little kind of mom-and-pop show."

The downtown artist began her show Off-Broadway in an acclaimed run that was boosted by one of its presenters, actress Meryl Streep. "She saw me at an event for Equality Now, which we both do volunteer work for, and she said 'What are you doing? I want to help you.' We connected right away and she was as generous with me as any artist could possibly be with someone else who they hope to nurture in some way."

Jones admits her shock at her current lot: "As you can imagine, I still sometimes, really can't believe this all happened. The entire thing has kind of been a charmed experience."

Currently on vocal rest, the staunch performer Jones is enthusiastic yet cautious about touring with the show. "For me, it's going to be a matter of making sure my voice is in the right physical health. As long as it holds up, I know I can deliver the shows that people deserve." Having never had to cancel a show in her entire career for any vocal reason, Jones was upset when on doctor's orders, she did not perform March 14-16 due to bronchitis. "Basically, because when it's a one-person show, the producers need you to go out and promote it because you're the only thing there is. I was doing the eight shows a week and doing the equivalent of more shows a week in appearances and things that I was excited and grateful to be able to do. But it's so rigorous, that I just want to make sure I'm healthy enough before I make any decision." When asked whether she would commit her characters to posterity on film, Jones coyly says "We don't know. It's all still so up in the air, but I've had some fun meetings with a few people, no names I could mention, but people you would know. So, we'll see what happens."

Her future plans include what she terms "Every public school kid's dream": a Lincoln Center commission and some developing television projects. She quips "There's one particular thing I hope to announce very soon. But, it's probably better that I'm on vocal rest because I'm not allowed to talk about anything anyway."

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