Sega Toys Introduces Fully Functional 10-Inch Long Grand Piano

Classic Arts News   Sega Toys Introduces Fully Functional 10-Inch Long Grand Piano
The Japanese company Sega Toys has invented the perfect accessory for a luxury dollhouse: a tiny grand piano 250mm wide and 180mm tall (with the lid down). When you press on one of its 88 4mm wide keys, it plays the note through an inbuilt speaker.

But for those without the patience to play with a toothpick, the instrument is also a player piano with 100 pre-recorded tunes to choose from.

So would John Cage have approved? Probably not. Margaret Leng Tan, the diva of the toy piano, told PlaybillArts, "I know the Japanese have this fixation on things Lilliputian and cute, but could we possibly play it with our brobdingnagian digits? And what about the sound quality? It sounds like a very expensive gimmick.

"The toy piano works because it is a metallaphone disguised as a piano: a re-packaged glockenspiel with its own magical distinctive sound, not a real piano sound which could at best be but a poor imitation.

"In a nutshell: it's a glorified MP3 disguised as a piano!"

The mini piano costs (according to Sega Toys) 47,000 yen, or about US$400.

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