Singer Spotlight: David Walker

Classic Arts Features   Singer Spotlight: David Walker
The American countertenor talks about playing Ottone in Handel's Agrippina, opening Oct. 14 at New York City Opera.

"Ottone is unknowingly thrown into many problems by the rest of the characters in Agrippina, but he stays true to himself throughout his entire journey. He's the only genuine and honest character in Agrippina. In fact, he's probably the only completely sincere and downright nice character I've ever played! As a performer, it's very exciting, but a little unsettling, to be the only good guy in a cast full of evil and manipulative characters!"

"I'm a pretty nice guy anyway, so you'd think it would be easy to find the intersection between Ottone and me, and easier to perform that kind of character on stage. But it isn't for me. This might be tricky to explain. When I'm performing nice guys, I sometimes feel like I'm 'acting', instead of flowing naturally."

"When I'm performing a character further removed from my own personality, that's never an issue. Since I'm not a villain in real life, it's fun and exciting for me to have the chance to play villains. When I am performing a character more like myself, I feel like my own emotions are being watched. I feel personally exposed. And my style of acting is to go all the way emotionally, dramatically, and musically, regardless of the type of character I'm playing. So doing that while playing a nice character isn't always a comfortable feeling for me. That's a great challenge for me as a performer."

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