Spot-on Parody of Hamilton Pays Tribute to Broadway Dancer Mitzi Hamilton (Video)

News   Spot-on Parody of Hamilton Pays Tribute to Broadway Dancer Mitzi Hamilton (Video)
Fans of Broadway dancer Mitzi Hamilton have assembled a video tribute that mashes her life with the opening number from the Broadway hit Hamilton.

Titled "This Is Mitzi Hamilton," the video narrates the life of the dancer who served as the "real-life inspiration" for the character of Val in A Chorus Line, the role eventually played by Pamela Blair. Hamilton replaced Blair during the show's subsequent run.

Mitzi's Broadway career included original runs of Pippin, Seesaw and The King of Hearts. She directed Riverside Theatre's current production of A Chorus Line.

The "This Is Mitzi Hamilton" video was conceived by Jake Weinstein and Caley Crawford, with lyrics by Weinstein, based on the originals by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Weinstein also directed and choreographed the video.

The video features Weinstein, Michael Warrell, Tom Berklund, Emily Grace Kersey, Nick Varricchio, Bronwyn Tarboton, Kelsey Walston, Christine Cornish Smith, Natalie Kaye Clater, Christian Bufford, Adam Lendermon, Samantha Cho Grossman, Lindsey Bliven, Brian Dillon, Meaghan Foy, Dayna Tietzen, Justin Bergson, Caley Crawford, Megan Fulmer, Jordan Fife Hunt, Caitlin Wilayto, Scott Shendenhelm, Elliot Marach, Donald C. Shorter Jr., Robb Gibbs, John Dempsey, Jessica Lee Goldyn, fellow original cast member Baayork Lee and Hamilton herself.

Watch here:


Here are the lyrics, based on "Alexander Hamilton" from Hamilton:

How does a homely, skinny, flat-as-a-pancake girl
With 87 dollars in her pocket twirl a baton in the rain
Then wind up in New York City from afar–
Grow up to be a legend and a star?

The 10-for-dance, 3-for-looks books nothing,
But she got a lot farther by working a lot harder,
For the girl is second best to none.
Son, by 22 she's on stage in the chorus making her Broadway debut.

But it isn't smooth sailing she's just left there admiring
All the other girls who got the job; she saw what they were hiring.
So she bought herself a fancy pair, she wasn't deterred.
Hell, she saw the wiz way up on Park and 73rd.

Then she heard from Michael Bennett, said, "Hey Mitz, come around,
We're recording some tapes and it might be profound."
So she went and heard the dancers, each one telling their story
And she knew, then and there, this would be something of glory.

Well the word got around they said, "This show is insane."
Started workshopping and writing with Joe Papp at the reigns.
She was there from the start to see all that'd ensue: try
Her life penned down forever. Gee it had to be you, why?

This is Mitzi Hamilton.
I said her name is Mitzi Hamilton.
And there's a million girls but she's the one.
Just you wait, just you wait.

When they were done with the workshop they held the big audition
For the dancers to portray their own lives: a competition.
It's life imitating art; it left us aghast
When Bennett told her story but she didn't get cast.

But our girl wasn't discouraged preferring instead to buckle down,
Pull herself together, rehearsing until she'd reach renown.
A voice saying, "Mitzi, you gotta keep pushing through."
And so she kept at it and suddenly nobody else will do.

It could've been someone else she could've given up right there and then,
Just thrown it all away. Instead she suited up; tried out again for London,
Fundin' her dream of standing up there on the line,
And all the pieces fall as if by design.

Finally landing the role of the character she created and
Commanding control of her life as she stands on the
Bound of a show hailing praise and acclaim:
A new work ever changing the game.

A new work ever changing the game. Just you wait
A new work ever changing the game. Just you wait.
A new work ever changing the game.
A new work... Just you wait!

This is Mitzi Hamilton.
We are waiting in the wings for you.
You could never back down and
Never leave A Chorus Line!

Oh, this is Mitzi Hamilton.
When the chorus line sings for you,
Will they know what you overcame?
Will they know that you played the game?

The stage will never be the same, oh.
Look who's the director now, ’member where she's come from? (Just you wait.)
Another chorus girl coming up from the bottom. (Just you wait.)
The show lives on forever now you've guided them and taught 'em.

We learned from her.
Me? I play her.
Me? I worked with her. [Jessica Lee Goldyn]
Me? I danced with her. [Baayork Lee]

Me? I'm the damn fool — I am her. [Mitzi Hamilton]

There's a million girls but she's the one.
But just you wait!
What's her name, man?
This is Mitzi Hamilton!

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