Spotted: More Glimpses of "Glee!" (Video)

PlayBlog   Spotted: More Glimpses of "Glee!" (Video)
As all good "Glee" fans have known for months, the hit musical dramedy will be returning – finally! – on April 13, and boy does FOX know how to build suspense. As the big day draws ever nearer, the network is releasing ever-more tantalizing clips to get an already loyal audience salivating for more.

The latest offerings give us a peek at the first episode back, “Hello,” complete with Beatles number, and at the much-touted all-Madonna episode, with both “Like a Prayer,” and a glimpse of guest star Jonathan Groff! Add some snarky one-liners from Sue Sylvester and some teacherly advice from Mr. Schuester, and the anticipation becomes almost unbearable! And, it hurts so good.

- Gemma Wilson

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