STAGE VIEWS: "GCB" and Hedwig Star Miriam Shor

Special Features   STAGE VIEWS: "GCB" and Hedwig Star Miriam Shor's series features brief chats with actors commenting on their recent theatregoing experiences, what productions they are looking forward to and more. Here, via e-mail, we hear from actress Miriam Shor, who co-stars in the new ABC series "GCB," which debuts March 4.

Miriam Shor
Miriam Shor

What show recently impressed you?
Blood and Gifts. Just an incredible play that, while political, still captured the characters' humanity with such specificity and beauty. I love plays that aren't afraid to be about something.

What production are you most excited to see?
I'm excited to see the revival of Death of Salesman. Besides being a brilliant play starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, it will give me a chance to see Linda Emond in an amazing role. She's by far one of the best actresses I've ever seen. Her performance in Tony Kushner's Homebody Kabul was mind-blowing.

What play/musical would you most like to revive on Broadway, and which role would you want to play?
I'm not sure if I have a revival I've been pining to do. I really love working on new plays. Collaborating with a playwright to create a role is pretty hard to beat.

What are your current/upcoming projects?
I just finished filming "GCB," a series for ABC which starts airing March 4th, 10 PM. It was written by Robert Harling, speaking of wonderful playwrights...


Miriam Shor, who portrayed aspiring drag queen Yitzak in the original production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, plays Cricket Caruth-Reilly in the new series "GCB," which co-stars Tony winner Kristin Chenoweth.

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