Studio Cast Album of bare On Sale Oct. 30

News   Studio Cast Album of bare On Sale Oct. 30
The studio cast album of the rock-driven bare — the musical with a flavor and tone somewhere between Rent and Spring Awakening — will be released Oct. 30.
Album cover art for the studio cast recording of bare.
Album cover art for the studio cast recording of bare.

Packaged in a three-disc set, with two discs featuring songs from bare and a third disc (a DVD) charting the show and album's history, the new recording features Matt Doyle as Peter, James Snyder as Jason, Jenna Leigh Green as Ivy and Keili Lefkovitz as Nadia, supported by an ensemble of actor-singers and musicians. Kaitlin Hopkins, who appeared as Claire, a mom, in the 2004 developmental Off-Broadway production, repeats her role for the disc. Green was also in the New York run.

The musical by composer Damon Intrabartolo and lyricist Jon Hartmere, Jr. (who also share book credit) was seen in cult-hit stagings in Los Angeles and Off-Broadway and was aimed for a larger Off-Broadway commercial life to begin in fall 2004 under the wing of Dodger Stage Holding. Despite the popular Dodger-supported developmental production in spring 2004, the fall run never materialized.

The property, which has the title in lowercase letters, per the authors' wishes, is now licensable for production by resident theatres around the country (imminently, Bailiwick Repertory in Chicago will stage the Windy City premiere).

The original show — a rare musical not based on source material — was embraced by young audiences as a kind of younger cousin to Rent: a fresh rock and pop musical that expressed the hormonal pangs and heartache of teenagers coming of age in a Catholic boarding school.

Bare focuses on the "trials and tribulations of a gay couple who must hide their clandestine romantic relationship during senior year at Catholic boarding school while finding out how it affects their friendships and the people around them," according to album release notes. Web sales are at

The multi-media third disc, "Navigate This Maze," documents the making of the album, including interviews with the performers and producers, plus footage from the studio recording sessions. It also celebrates the history of the show, with footage from 2000 to present day including interviews with the creators, producers, and performers from both the Los Angeles and New York City productions.

The three-disc bare collection is produced by Deborah Lurie and Casey Stone, along with executive producer composer John Ottman & TRW (Theatrical Rights Worldwide, which handles licensing of the show). The third disc, "Navigate this Maze," is directed and edited by Matt Scheller.

A portion of the proceeds from sales of the bare album will benefit The Trevor Project. The Trevor Project strives to save young lives and curb gay teen suicide. For more information, visit

This is not a cast album of the earlier Los Angeles or New York productions — it's a studio recording of the show in its entirety, not tied to any previous or present productions, according to notes by the producers. It reflects the licensed version of the show.

The recording cast also includes Anna Rose as Rory, Jason Ryterband as Lucas, Christopher Johnson as Matt, Judith Hill as Tanya, Nils Montan as Zach, Kara Maguire as Diane, Joel Echols as Alan, Carmel Echols as Kyra, Jim Price (also a vet of the New York production) as Priest, Stephanie Andersen as Sister Chantelle and Lucian Piane as Lucian.

The recording was earlier announced to be available by September, but that release was delayed.

The track listing follows.

1. Epiphany (Company)
2. You & I (Jason, Peter & Students)
3. Role of a Lifetime (Peter)
4. Auditions (Sister Chantelle & Students)
5. Plain Jane Fat Ass (Nadia & Jason)
6. Wonderland (Lucas, Nadia, Ivy, Jason, Peter, Matt & Tanya)
7. A Quiet Night at Home (Nadia)
8. Rolling
9. Best Kept Secret (Peter & Jason)
10. Confession (Students & Priest)
11. Portrait of a Girl (Ivy & Matt)
12. Birthday, Bitch! (Students)
13. One Kiss (Ivy & Jason)
14. Are You There? (Peter & Matt)
15. 911! Emergency! (Virgin Mary & Cherubs)
16. Reputation Stain'd (Matt, Jason, Ivy, Nadia, Peter)
17. Ever After (Peter & Jason)
18. Spring (Nadia)
19. One (Ivy, Jason, Nadia, Matt, Peter)

1. Wedding Bells (Company)
2. Touch My Soul (Ivy & Jason)
3. See Me (Peter & Claire)
4. Warning (Claire)
5. Pilgrim's Hands (Jason & Peter)
6. God Don't Make No Trash (Sister Chantelle)
7. All Grown Up (Ivy)
8. Promise (Jason, Ivy, Matt, Peter, Nadia)
9. Once Upon a Time (Jason)
10. Cross (Priest & Jason)
11. Two Households (Sister Chantelle & Students)
12. Bare (Jason & Peter)
13. Queen Mab (Jason & Peter)
14. A Glooming Peace (Students)
15. Absolution (Peter & Priest)
16. No Voice (Company)

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