Swedish Researchers Trying to Recreate Stradivarius Acoustics

Classic Arts News   Swedish Researchers Trying to Recreate Stradivarius Acoustics
Researchers at Mid Sweden University are working toward creating a violin that matches the acoustical quality of a Stradivarius, according to a Swedish Research Council report on the physics and technology web site physorg.com.

Mats Tinnsten and Peter Carlsson, associate professors at the university, will present their findings at an acoustics conference in Lisbon this week.

"It's not possible to copy Stradivarius violins exactly," Tinnsten said, "since wood is a living material with great natural variations. The results of new research indicate, however, that we will be able to overcome such difficulties with the aid of advanced computer support."

"Stradivarius violins were made of slow-growth spruce," Carlsson said. "Perhaps our research will help create a new instrument-making industry in northern Sweden."

The first phase of research involves making calculations based on the violin's top.

Antonius Stradivarius, who lived from 1644 to 1737 and built 1,100 instruments over the course of his lifetime, revolutionized the geometry and design of violins.

"His craftsmanship is still unexcelled," Tinnsten said. "Few after the death of Stradivarius have managed to produce anything that even approaches his best work."

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