The Broadway oops

Inside Track   The Broadway oops
Those of us fortunate to nab a seat to last night’s final preview of Bye Bye Birdie witnessed one of my favorite occurrences in live theatre…the “oops”.

About “four pages into the show” (as John Stamos later told the audience) a piece of the massive Birdie set began to quiver (which solicited a few “uh ohhs” from the audience).  But, as they say in theatre, the show most go on and God bless those kids, they tried to go on!  The Conrad groupies, all in matching dresses, were supposed to sing “We love you Conrad” at the train station awaiting the arrival of Birdie to Sweet Apple.  Instead, they were stuck in the MacAffe’s living room…still loving Conrad.  They rallied on until Stamos ran on stage and said “I’m sorry girls, I’ll cheer you girls up in a minute” and pulled them off stage.

In true show-biz style, the cast wasn’t going to let a minute go by without entertaining us, so Stamos walks on stage, grabs his friend (and former Full House co-star) Bob Sagat up with him and  does a little stand up.  Speaking into the lav-mic atop Stamos’ gelled coif, he rattled off a few zingers “God I hope your crotch isn’t miced."  Also on hand to lend some comic relief was Don Rickles, who shouted “I’m too old for this!” before telling Stamos to go sing with the Beach Boys.  A few audience requests for an impromptu rendition of “Forever” (the Jesse and the Rippers song penned for Aunt Becky) were denied, but Bill Irwin did lend his expert clown skills with a few prat falls.

With gentle encouraging from Gina Gershon—“Come on guys, you can do better than that!”—Stamos and Sagat kept the audience laughing until finally, the show could continue.  But not without a final laugh from Stamos.  His first line coming back from the oops?  “Sorry I’m late girls.”  And the show finally went on.

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