The Civilians Eat Nobody's Lunch at P.S. 122, Sept. 23

News   The Civilians Eat Nobody's Lunch at P.S. 122, Sept. 23
The Off-Broadway troupe The Civilians—which specializes in weaving new, off-kilter stage pieces from interviews with real people and existing journalistic, biographical and documentary materials—will present its new work, Nobody's Lunch, at P.S. 122 Sept. 23-Oct. 17.

The work was written by The Civilians' artistic director Steve Cosson. It explores how the public receives information and gains knowledge in today's media and government-controlled culture. Among the interviews conducted in preparation for the piece: every Jessica Lynch in the phone book. Others include a soldier guarding Penn Station, a conspiracy theorist and "an escaped sex slave for the CIA." The cast includes Damian Baldet, Daoud Heidami, Christine Kirk, Alix Lambert, Caitlin, KJ Sanchez, Baron Vaughn, Chris Well and pianist Andy Boroson.

The Civilians have garnered a significant amount of press and praise based on three shows—one for each year the group has been in existence. Following its inaugural effort Canard, Canard, Goose?, a "musical documentary" about what happens when The Civilians get wind of geese abuse on a film set in Long Lake, NY, came Gone Missing, a collection of stories about things lost and found, and The Ladies, which examined the lives of four dictator's wives, and the two women who chose to do a show about them.

Tickets are $20. Call (212) 477-5288.

Damian Baldet (left), Caitlin Miller and Daoud
Damian Baldet (left), Caitlin Miller and Daoud Photo by Julia Beynon
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