The Ladies of Theatre: Art of Your Favorite Broadway Dames

Photo Features   The Ladies of Theatre: Art of Your Favorite Broadway Dames
Kendyll Romine drew a different female musical theatre character every day for a year.

Artist Kendyll Romine drew a different female character from the world of the theatre every day for a full year. All of her work can be seen on

In her own words Romine says, “I had seen many other artists challenge themselves to draw something every day for a year, but it was always very daunting for me to come up with a new idea or hold myself accountable to draw every day. I decided to try the challenge again in 2016, but this time I would limit myself to a theme that would be something I could look forward to drawing every day; since I'm a huge musical theatre fan and I've been drawing female theatre characters for years, it was the choice that seemed the most fun. I created a blog for it so that I could have a public way of holding myself accountable to it, and also to celebrate all the amazing female roles there are with the whole theatre community! I'm so glad that others have found joy in this project, and that I've been able to celebrate so many amazing women in theatre! I'm truly honored to have my work on”

Scroll through 50 of her drawings below:


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