THE SCREENING ROOM: Blake Daniel, Bonnie Milligan and More Explore #thestruggle in Concert (Video)

News   THE SCREENING ROOM: Blake Daniel, Bonnie Milligan and More Explore #thestruggle in Concert (Video)
The Music of Maglione and Ruiz: #thestruggle, a concert featuring the songs of new musical theatre composers David Maglione and Tomas Ruiz, was held May 29 at the Laurie Beechman Theatre in New York City. Here are highlights from the evening. 

The 7 PM concert featured performances from Blake Daniel (Spring Awakening), Julia Knitel (Bye Bye Birdie), Bonnie Milligan (Jasper in Deadland), Aaron Riesebeck (Academy), Max Chernin, Monet Julia Sabel, Melanie Brook, Spencer Kiely, Chris Frazier, Emma Love, Lena Grotticelli, Jackie Reynolds, Oliver Mayes, Adrian Rifat and Julie Galorenzo.

The evening promised "uplifting music for all those who are going through it. For those who have never 'gone through it,' a) you probably have and b) you will by the end of the night. The Music of Maglione and Ruiz: #thestruggle is your last chance to catch this duo before they 'go through it' on their first commissioned songwriting project this summer." 

Maglione and Ruiz are the authors of Gypsy Housing: A Sorta Kinda Love Story, which was seen in January at the Manhattan Rep Theatre. The two played a sold-out concert in January at the Triad.

Videography is by Shoshana Feinstein

* Monet Julia Sabel - "Reckless":

Chris Frazier and Spencer Kiely - "Waiting":

Julie Galorenzo - "The Fall":

Blake Daniel - "The Spring":

Bonnie Milligan - "What I Mean to Say":

Julia Knitel - "I've Never":

Emma Love - "Chapters":

Max Chernin - "Once Upon A Time":

Chris Frazier, Bonnie Milligan and company - "NYC The City That Never Sleeps":

Melanie Brook - "Showtunes":

Aaron Riesebeck - "End of the Line":

Spencer Kiely - "Why":
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