THEIR FAVORITE THINGS: Clybourne Park Tony Nominee Jeremy Shamos Shares His Theatregoing Experiences

Favorite Things   THEIR FAVORITE THINGS: Clybourne Park Tony Nominee Jeremy Shamos Shares His Theatregoing Experiences's feature series, Their Favorite Things, asks members of the theatre community to share the Broadway performances that most affected them as part of the audience. This week we spotlight the choices of actor Jeremy Shamos, a 2012 Tony nominee for his work in the Tony-winning play Clybourne Park.

Jeremy Shamos
Jeremy Shamos

Angels in America.


"To me, the quintessential theatrical experience... Writing, acting, directing, design, ideas, politics, activism all in perfect sync and live before my eyes... seared in my brain."

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"My parents took me on theatre trips every year to NYC (from Denver, Colorado) and you'd think they were irresponsible to take someone so young to see this, but it was absolutely life-changing. The level of realism on the stage was mind-boggling... William Hurt, Harvey Keitel, Sigourney Weaver, Ron Silver, Judith Ivey, Cynthia Nixon and Jerry Stiller? What??" 

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A Chorus Line.


"My first Broadway show... I didn't realize how high the bar was being set. We had the album at home and the magic of seeing the album come to such full-blooded life that day left me dreaming of a life in the theatre."

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Fool Moon.

"Two masters working together and allowing each other to shine brighter. The second time I went, [David] Shiner brought me (randomly) on stage for his 'silent movie' piece... my Broadway debut!"

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August: Osage County. 

"I saw it on a Wednesday night during previews and went again on Friday (I had plans on the Thursday). Tracy Letts' play, with Anna Shapiro's direction with that incredible cast. I was screaming... screaming for more."  

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"Master Harold"...and the Boys.

"Another play my parents took me to when it seemed I would be too young, and yet, it is an absolutely formative experience. I remember trying to get the tears to stop coming out of my eyes so I could watch the amazing (amazing) Zakes Mokae."

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Frank Dell's The Temptation of St. Antony.

"This show by The Wooster Group at The Performing Garage was the first time I went to a show that wasn't 'commercial'; I went alone. My mind was completely blown. I didn't know what I was seeing, but I was thrilled that the form of theatre could be so exploded. Seeing Ron Vawter (pictured) on stage (which I did many times in the following years) remains a treasured memory."



The Grey Zone


"Tim Blake Nelson's (pictured) terrifying play, in Doug Hughes' disturbingly realistic production. The old MCC Theater on 28th Street transformed into a crematorium in Auschwitz. Stunning, shocking and moving."

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Circle Mirror Transformation.


"A new lesson in realism. Exciting to see an amazing ensemble, directed so beautifully, and hearing the brilliant voice of Annie Baker."



[title of show]. 

"Inspiring to see talented people making their own show and following through so beautifully, thoughtfully and realistically on an idea that so many writers toy with: Making theatre about making theatre. And, I laughed until I peed (a little)."

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