Tony Nominee Clarke Peters Shares His Theatregoing Experiences

Favorite Things   Tony Nominee Clarke Peters Shares His Theatregoing Experiences
Tony nominee Clarke Peters, who can currently be seen in the Lincoln Center Theater production of The Royale, shares the performances that most affected him as part of the audience.
Clarke Peters
Clarke Peters courtesy of Hampstead Theatre

The Broadway Revival of The King and I
Most recently, seeing the boat arrive in Siam, in The King and I, took my breath away. Admitted, I've always been a sucker for the wonders of technology on stage, but this moment gave one an idea of the scale of the landscape and the scale of imagination in theatre.

The cast of The <i>King and I</i>
The cast of The King and I Paul Kolnik

The Lion King
This brings me to my second moment. The arrival of the animals to the savannah in The Lion King. The birds as kites I'd seen before and was mildly amused when they flew in. But when the elephant showed up, so did my joyful tears. I was a child again. Now THAT was something to behold!

<i>The Lion King</i>
The Lion King Joan Marcus

Mark Strong in A View from the Bridge
Mark Strong tackling Eddie Carbone in A View from the Bridge was one of my acting highlights of the season. He felt like a time bomb, just waiting for the right moment to go off. It was the final tableaux that got me.

Russell Tovey, Mark Strong and Phoebe Fox in <i>A View From the Bridge</i>
Russell Tovey, Mark Strong and Phoebe Fox in A View From the Bridge Jan Versweyveld

Imelda Staunton in Gypsy
Now, I know Patti LuPone has taken on Gypsy but, for me, Imelda Staunton's portrayal was a master class in musical performance. Some of the wonder of her performance may have to do with her diminutive size and her relentless power house of energy. Yet, the way she prowled the stage and text on the page, layering the complexities of Rose, is where the master class begins.

Imelda Staunton in <i>Gypsy</i>
Imelda Staunton in Gypsy Johan Persson

Lucian Msamati in A Wolf in Snakeskin Shoes
Lucian Msamati in the fringe production of Wolf in Snakeskin Shoes was, at once, a spiritually profound, emotionally comical and politically incorrect evening in the theatre. I guess that's what satire is. He was wonderful. Although, probably, more well known for his Iago, Lucian, paired with Hugh Quarshie as Othello, was a dynamic duo.

A scene from<i> A Wolf In Snakeskin Shoes</i>
A scene from A Wolf In Snakeskin Shoes Tristram Kenton

Hugh Quarshie in Othello
Hugh has a way with words, and his Othello was not applauded enough. His critical understanding of the text made his delivery of it accessible to a newcomer's ears. For me, by far the best Othello I've seen....mind you, I didn't see my Othello. Ha ha ha.

Hugh Quarshie and Lucian Msamati in <i>Othello</i>
Hugh Quarshie and Lucian Msamati in Othello Zuleika Henry

Khris Davis in The Royale
Nepotism is something that thrives in our world of theatre, so I'm going to focus closer to home; the journey Khris Davis takes nightly as Jay “The Sport” Jackson in The Royale is no stroll in the park. He will make you laugh and break your heart as he tells this American tale.

Peters with Khris Davis in <i>The Royale</i>
Peters with Khris Davis in The Royale T. Charles Erickson
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