Top Ten Reasons Why Patrick Stewart Is "Totally Awesome"

Lists   Top Ten Reasons Why Patrick Stewart Is "Totally Awesome" offers a list of the reasons why acclaimed, award-winning actor Patrick Stewart is awesome.
Patrick Stewart
Patrick Stewart

Who doesn't love Patrick Stewart? He is a masterful actor with an artistry that spans the classics from Shakespeare, Beckett and Pinter to indelible screen performances in "Star Trek" and "X Men." A two-time Olivier Award winner and Tony, SAG, Golden Globe and Emmy nominee, he was knighted in 2010 by Queen Elizabeth II for Services to Drama and remains a steadfast champion of women's rights and equality.

He is also "awesome." Stewart's social media presence is unfailingly charming and entertaining, sharing his general enjoyment of life with all of his fans and followers. With antics that span being a tourist in New York with his best friend to dressing up as a lobster for Halloween, Stewart seems to find the fun in everything.

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1. He can even "moo" in different accents.

Stewart's acting talents are not limited to the classics; all those years on the stage have perfected his impressions of cows

2. He took his wedding picture in a ball pit.

Stewart announced his marriage to singer and songwriter Sunny Ozell by tweeting this photo of the two of them in a ball pit with the caption, "Yes, married."

Minister Ian

3. His BFF, Ian McKellen, officiated his wedding.

Prior to sharing the stage with Stewart in Waiting for Godot and No Man's Land, McKellen officiated Stewart and Ozell's wedding.

4. He made the quadruple take a thing.

Who wouldn't want to learn the finer points of acting from Patrick Stewart?


5. #gogodididonyc (hint: two knights and an elmo)

This Twitter hashtag leads to delightful pictures of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen getting into mischief throughout New York City.


6. This Halloween costume.

This photo of Stewart dressed as a lobster immediately went viral, to the delight of his fans everywhere. 

7. He's a Brooklyn hipster. 

Instead of living in celebrity-studded Manhattan, Stewart's resides in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

8. He loves Angry Birds.

And, he isn't afraid to show it. 

9. He loves snow.

Make it so.

10. He's just really awesome.

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