VIDEO: Hannah Corneau Prepares for Her Broadway Debut in Wicked

Video   VIDEO: Hannah Corneau Prepares for Her Broadway Debut in Wicked
The Hedwig alum takes on the role of Elphaba beginning May 14.
Hannah Corneau
Hannah Corneau

As Hannah Coreneau readies for her first flight in Wicked, get a glimpse into her rehearsal process in the new video, part of the show’s new Flying Lessons series, below.

Corneau makes her Broadway debut as Elphaba in the long-running musical beginning May 14 at the Gershwin Theatre. She previously appeared in the national tour of Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

“The most challenging part is stamina. The songs are difficult in and of themselves, but also being a part of the story? It’s the most challenging role I’ve ever played,” Corneau admits. However, she’s still thrillified: “To live this journey of actually being able to sing these songs with an orchestra, with a full company of actors—the actors of Wicked! If I could tell my 13-year-old self, she’d flip.”

New Elphabas typically begin their rehearsal journey with a dive into the first act of the show’s demanding score, focusing on the vocals before meeting with stage management and dance captains to put the show on its feet. “Every single person is very different that walks into this building,” music director Dan Micciche says. “I need to make sure they feel comfortable so they can lean on me for support, because it is so massive.”

What sets Wicked apart from many Broadway shows is that incoming stars have the opportunity to rehearse in the building before even taking the stage. The Gershwin features its own in-house rehearsal space, allowing replacements to get the lay of the land before defying gravity.

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