Watch Improv Everywhere Prank NY Subway Riders

News   Watch Improv Everywhere Prank NY Subway Riders
Sets of twins used to create time-travel quandary.
Improv Everywhere
Arin Sang-urai

The guerilla theatre troupe Improv Everywhere recently employed four sets of identical twins to prank New York subway riders into thinking time travelers had come from the future to stop their former selves from collecting money to build a time machine.

The Time Travel Subway Car video employed the talents of David Rosenberg and Jeff Rosenberg (inventor), Gwen Petry and Emily Petry (couple), Paul Herbig and Michael Herbig (couple), and Michael Hughes and Matthew Hughes (final guy).

Improv Everywhere is a New York-based troupe that stages elaborate improvised pranks that it calls "missions" on the streets (and sometimes subways) of New York. Founded in 2001, the company was inspired by the Off-Off-Broadway Upright Citizens Brigade. Its most widely seen video was of its Frozen Grand Central mission, in which some 200 of its members froze in place at the same time in the busy NY train station. It was viewed more than 35 million times on YouTube.

Watch Time Travel Subway Car here:

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