Watch (Or Re-Watch) McKinley High's Prom on "Glee" (Video)

PlayBlog   Watch (Or Re-Watch) McKinley High's Prom on "Glee" (Video)
On last night's episode of "Glee" the students of McKinley High got their prom outfits ready and scrambled for dates to make their way to what Kurt Hummel referred to as "the social event of the season," in anticipation for who would be announced this year's "Prom Queen."

When Principal Figgins is caught in a jam and must search for a new band for the big event, he decides to look no further than McKinley's own glee club, New Directions. Votes are still pouring in and the hype builds as to whom will take the crown while the group prepares songs like Rebecca Black's "Friday" and Christina Perri's "Jar of Hearts."

Does Mercedes find a date? Will Artie ever win back Brittany? What prompts the return of Jonathan Groff as Jesse St. James? Finally, who receives the title of "Prom Queen?" Here's a hint: the title of Queen holds no limitations.

To find out what you missed on "Glee," look below:

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