"Weird & Wonderful" CD Features Stars of West End Stage

News   "Weird & Wonderful" CD Features Stars of West End Stage
"Weird & Wonderful," a new CD featuring comic songs by Alexander S. Bermange, includes performances by a host of West End performers.

Among the singers heard on the Dress Circle Records release are Rosemary Ashe, Valda Aviks, John Barr, Stefan Bednarczyk, Marilyn Cutts, Richard Dempsey, David Firth, Hal Fowler, Anna Francolini, Rachel Izen, David Kernan, Felix Martin, Jessica Martin, Lizzy Renihan, Liza Sadovy and Myra Sands. Tony Award-winning lyricist Tim Rice has written the recording's liner notes. The complete track listing for "Weird & Wonderful" follows:

"Weird & Wonderful" - All Artists
"Wedding Night" - David Kernan
"He Left Me for My Granny" - Jessica Martin
"Easy As A-P-C" - Stefan Bednarczyk
"I Love to Sing" - Rosemary Ashe
"You Are the One" - David Firth, Valda Aviks and Richard Dempsey
"Saturday Morning Prayer" - Hal Fowler
"I’ve Fallen in Love With a Sheep" - Liza Sadovy
"A Trainspotter’s Tale" - Richard Dempsey
"The Man Who I Long For" - Anna Francolini
"The First Vowel" - Lizzy Renihan
"Uncle Dick" - David Firth, Richard Dempsey and Marilyn Cutts
"I Don’t Know What Came Over Me" - John Barr
"Moaning About Phoning" - Myra Sands
"How Perfect I Will Be" - Felix Martin
"I’ve Just Started Working in a Kosher Deli" - Rachel Izen
"I Loved" - Marilyn Cutts
"Naked" - Hal Fowler, Valda Aviks and David Firth
"Weird & Wonderful" - All Artists

"Weird & Wonderful" is available at Footlight Records; visit www.footlight.com for more information.

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