West End Theatres to Employ Bouncers

News   West End Theatres to Employ Bouncers
Several leading West End theatres will "employ private security experts to restore order" following reports of anti-social and drunken behavior during performances.

According to a report in the London Times, behavior has included a member of the audience of the West End production of A Little Night Music, recently at the Garrick Theatre, being seen to relieve himself in the auditorium itself. Star Hannah Waddingham, who was playing Desiree Armfeldt, is quoted saying, "We were performing the song 'Every Day a Little Death'; the man almost peed on [her co-star] Lyndon Edwards." Now theatre owner Nica Burns, who is partner in Nimax Theatres — whose theatres include the Garrick and the Lyric, at the latter of which Thriller Live is playing — said, "In a show like Thriller you may get people who have never been to the theatre before and may have been out for a drink before they arrive. It can get quite hectic and very boisterous. I am looking at introducing security front of house to keep the right balance of fun and order."

At the stage version of Dirty Dancing, playing at the Aldwych, insiders are quoted as comparing it to be a bear pit, with "patrons – many of whom turn up drunk – having to be regularly removed from the premises." And at Mamma Mia!, a member of the theatre staff is quoted commenting, "When hen parties come, they are always drunk but you just have to ignore them. Two months ago a drunk guy came in and assaulted me."

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