West End's Prince of Wales Pays the Rent

News   West End's Prince of Wales Pays the Rent

Rent, the New York musical based on La Bohème, is to open at the Prince of Wales on Dec.4.

The tragically early death of Rent's composer, Jonathan Larson, gave an extra poignancy to this tale of poverty-struck students trying to make their way in an uncaring city.

Transposed from Puccini's original setting of Paris to Larson's New York, this updated version of a famous weepie has clearly struck a chord with a younger generation.

The touring production is coming in (to Jan. 26) to fill the space between the closing of The Witches of Eastwick and the opening of The Full Monty. Adam Rickett, who has been starring on tour is expected to head the youthful cast when it comes to the Prince of Wales.

Prince Of Wales Box Office: 020 7839 5987

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