What Hot Broadway Show Did This Actress Audition For?

Outside the Theatre   What Hot Broadway Show Did This Actress Audition For?
The ambitious young performer chats dream roles, how to stay motivated and the audition of a lifetime.
Meredith Swanson
Meredith Swanson Monica Simoes
Meredith Swanson
Meredith Swanson Monica Simoes

Who: Meredith Swanson
Snapped: Outside the Al Hirschfeld Theatre on 45th Street

You look like you have a bounce in your step!
I’ve just come from the Broadway Dance Center. I took Lizz Picini’s Beginners’ Theatre Class. She is a good friend of mine and an amazing teacher.

What were you doing in the class?
We went over some basics, but this particular class was [linked to] Grease Live.

Do you have a dream role in Grease?
Don’t be fooled by the blonde hair, I want to be Rizzo. She’s definitely a sweetheart inside but a little bit catty on the outside.

Are you a performer professionally?
Yes. I’ve been dancing since I was three. I have a BFA in Musical Theatre from the Hartt School [at University of Hartford], and I’ve been living in New York for two years now—I come from Hamilton, Massachusetts, originally.

Finish this sentence: ‘I moved to New York with…’

Did you come here on your own?
I came with a group of college buddies. We’re in this together; we motivate each other; and we wake up at 4 AM to go sign our names on audition lists.

What was the last show you auditioned for?
Hamilton. I went to the dance call. I was lucky enough to see the show, and I’ve been taking a few hip-hop dance classes. Whenever I go to a dance call, I try to think of it as a free class and then I won’t be so uptight or nervous.

What’s your dream?
In increments: I’d love to do a tour and be able to travel, because I never got to go abroad in college. I want to see the country and still do what I love. Then, Broadway. That really is the ultimate goal.

Who is somebody on Broadway that really inspires you?
The first person that comes to mind is Megan Hilty. I really look up to her.

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