What Does It Take to Be a Dance Captain at Carousel?

Video   What Does It Take to Be a Dance Captain at Carousel?
Corey John Snide and Craig Salstein discuss the responsibility of preserving Justin Peck’s Tony-winning choreography.

New York City Ballet’s Justin Peck won a Tony Award for his work on the Broadway revival of Carousel, but what happens once the production opens and the choreographer’s off on his myriad other projects?

That’s where dance captains Corey John Snide and Craig Salstein step in. Watch in the video above as the two explain what it takes to preserve the show’s choreography for the company at the Imperial Theatre.

“You are responsible in the creation to learn intention and really to try to develop a full understanding of the choreographer’s vision,” says Snide (who also serves as a swing for the Jack O’Brien-helmed staging).


As Snide is a swing and Salstein appears in the ensemble, the two offer different but complementary perspectives as dance captains; one is onstage every night witnessing the cast navigate the choreography first-hand, while the other is able to be in the house more regularly to “bring what the audience sees.”

Carousel continues at the Imperial Theatre through September 16.

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