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Sponsored Content Which Les Misérables Character Are You? Are you a Javert or an Eponine? Take the Playbill quiz to find out!

From politics to pop culture, these questions will reveal if you’re a hopeless romantic with a heart full of love, or if your rebellious streak will lead you to join in the crusade! Check out the quiz below to find out.

Which Les Miz Character Are You?

Whose side would you be on if your country was in the midst of a revolution? Do you have the same Netflix habits as Javert? Are you and Eponine into the same music? You may be surprised to find out you aren’t who you think you are!


You are Cosette! You are looking to grow in exciting new ways, and are very much open to the possibility of love. You like the finer things in life but you don’t discount other people’s problems.


You are Eponine! You are courageous and your spirits are high. You know how to take care of yourself and get things done!    

Jean Valjean

You are Jean Valjean! You’re a defender of the undefended. You put others needs before your own. You’re happiness comes from knowing that others are happy.


You are Thenardier! You are an evil monster! Go get therapy!


You are Marius! Aw. You will grow up to care more about others than yourself, but for now, you’re wrapped up in your own head. Don’t focus too much on what you want. Remember to focus on what others want as well!


You are Fantine! You’re a hard worker and despite what is thrown your way, you try and see the best in people. You’re a survivor and an inspiration to others.


You are Javert! You are meticulous, full of conviction, and confidence. Authority is your bag, and you don’t suffer fools lightly. You believe in honesty and the law of the land.

Your country is in the middle of a revolution. Where do you stand?

The state must be protected!

Whatever is best for the people.

Against the people in power!

When will injustice stop?

I will do what is right.

This will bring about the hope we need.

Let’s steal some stuff!

What is your favorite music?

I love to rock.

I like protest songs.

Adult contemporary is cool.

Taylor Swift and only Taylor Swift.

Gimmie Indie rock!

Rap, you fool!

Love songs and sad ballads.

What is your tragic flaw?

I steal everything.

I get sick a lot.

A rule is a rule.

I care about people too much.

My criminal record.

I’m a hopeless romantic.

I can be a little obsessive.

How do you decide which Netflix movie to watch?

I just pick the first thing I see.

I go straight to the rom-coms.

Whatever has the most explosions.

Foreign films.

Watching TV is a waste of time.

Period pieces are my jam.

Documentaries are my favorite. I want to learn something.

What do you value most?



The community!


Cool things.



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