Why Leslie Odom Jr. Has Had to Turn Down Auditions

Broadway News   Why Leslie Odom Jr. Has Had to Turn Down Auditions
The Hamilton Tony winner talks about the types of roles he plays; he also sings from his Christmas album on Harry.

Hamilton’s original Aaron Burr, Leslie Odom, Jr., appeared on Harry November 15 to talk about his career since leaving the Broadway phenomenon and his work on the recently released Murder on the Orient Express.

Host Harry Connick, Jr. wanted to know if Odom had ever done a role that is much farther removed from the man he is.

“I feel like everybody that I’ve played is in here somewhere,” Odom says in the video above. “There’s been a couple of auditions and stuff I’ve turned down because I’m like, ‘I don’t want to find that guy.’‘’

While filming Murder on the Orient Express in London, Odom’s co-star, Josh Gad (The Book of Mormon), would often surprise Odom in the makeup trailer by playing the Hamilton cast recording. “We would have ‘guest DJs’ depending on who got in there first. Josh would come in and I’d hear the opening of Hamilton or I’d hear ‘The Room Where It Happens,’ and I’m not a huge fan of my voice.”

Odom is also a new father. His daughter, Lucy, seems to like her dad’s voice more than he does. “I don’t know if she enjoys it, but if she’s moving around and I start singing, it’ll stop her in her tracks.”

Before leaving Harry, Odom stopped everyone in their tracks with his rendition of “My Favorite Things” from his album Simply Christmas.


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