Barrington's Crucible, With Christopher Innvar, Opens Oct. 10

News   Barrington's Crucible, With Christopher Innvar, Opens Oct. 10
The Barrington Stage Company's production of the Arthur Miller classic The Crucible officially opens Oct. 10 at 3 PM with Broadway actor and Barrington regular Christopher Innvar as John Proctor.

Kim Stauffer and Christopher Innvar
Kim Stauffer and Christopher Innvar Photo by Kevin Sprague

Directed by artistic director Julianne Boyd, the production will play the Massachusetts venue through Oct. 24. Previews began Oct 6.

The cast also features Kim Stauffer as Elizabeth Proctor, Jessica Griffin as Abigail Williams, Robert Zukerman as Deputy Governor Danforth, Fletcher McTaggart as Reverend John Hale, Peter Samuel as Reverend Parris, Edward Cating as Judge Hathorne, Gordon Stanley as Giles Corey, Rosalind Cramer as Rebecca Nurse/Sarah Good, Jeffrey Kent as Thomas Putnam, Glen Barrett as Francis Nurse, Matt Neely as Ezekiel Cheever, Betsy Hogg as Mary Warren, Starla Benford as Tituba, Peggy Pharr Wilson as Mrs. Ann Putnam, Maggie Donnelly as Mercy Lewis, Caroline Mack as Betty Parris and Gabrielle Smachetti as Susanna Walcott.

The Crucible, according to the Barrington, is "set in 1692, [and] uses the Salem witch hunts as an historical allegory for McCarthy's blacklisting of Americans in the 1950s. The same mob hysteria takes hold in both periods as Miller examines religious intolerance, perversions of justice and the individual’s role in society. The Crucible, which never seems to lose its relevance, explodes with passion, fear, and danger when a group of teenage girls, caught dancing in the forest, take their revenge on their Salem Puritanical society by naming names of townspeople who they claim are witches."

The production has scenic design by David Barber, costume design by Kristina Sneshkoff, lighting design by Scott Pinkney and sound design by Brad Berridge. Renee Lutz is production stage manager.

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The cast of <i>The Crucible</i>
The cast of The Crucible Photo by Kevin Sprague
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