Broadway Actress Launches Suit After Racist and Homophobic Confrontation

News   Broadway Actress Launches Suit After Racist and Homophobic Confrontation
Christina Sajous, an actress who has appeared in four Broadway shows including Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark and American Idiot, is a partner in a lawsuit involving police and a New York cab driver she claims made racist and homophobic remarks to her and actor friend Ethan Paulini before having them arrested in a fare dispute, according to a report in the New York Daily News.

Christina Sajous
Christina Sajous

The paper quotes the suit saying that the pair hailed a cab Sept. 11, 2014, at West 13th Street and Seventh Avenue in Manhattan after seeing an Off-Broadway show. They asked the driver to take them to the Upper West Side via the West Side Highway when they charge that the epithet-laced rant began.

Driver Gregory Adolph allegedly refused that route, telling Sajous, "I don't have to do anything for a ni----."

When Paulini objected, Adolph allegedly replied: "Now the fa---- got something to say."

The pair exited the cab on Central Park West at 96th Street short of their destination, over Adolph's objections that he did not want to pick up a return fare from the “filthy ni---- neighborhood.” The pair claimed they gave the driver $20 on a $19.50 fare and decided to finish their trip via subway.

However, they were intercepted on the station platform by police who had been told they skipped out without paying the fare. Although Paulini tried to show the police his receipt for the ride, police refused to look at it, saying, “Never put your hands in your pockets around a police officer." The pair were handcuffed, arrested and put in a police cruiser and booked on charges of skipping the fare and resisting arrest. Both charges were thrown out in late 2014, and the pair have filed suit seeking damages.

Sajour and Paulini's attorney Douglas Grover told the News that the case was an outrage, saying, “This is really an egregious example of inappropriate police conduct."

The paper did not include a quote from Adolph. Date for a trial has not yet been set.

Here is the complete Daily News account.

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