How to Build a Life on Broadway—Behind the Curtain

BroadwayCon   How to Build a Life on Broadway—Behind the Curtain
BroadwayCon 2017 offers panels galore for those trying to make it on the creative and business sides of theatre.
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BroadwayCon isn’t just for fans of the Main Stem. Industry insiders and those hoping to make a career in theatre (but off the stage) have a home at the Javits Center January 27–29. With panels and programming covering the creative aspects of theatre—design (sound, lighting, costume, makeup, hair), writing, directing, choreographing, etc.—to the business of theatre—general managers, marketers, press agents—there’s such a lot of learnin’ to do.

Friday, January 27
10 AM It’s Called ShowBiz Not ShowArt: Professional Skills Seminar
10 AM Thank You, Five! A Stage Management Panel
11 AM Broadway Blues: When Diversity Makes a Profit But Not a Comeback
11 AM Stage Managers Meetup
12 PM Broadway en Español: Are We Ready to Hear Stories in Spanish?
12 PM Fight Directing
1 PM Bollywood and Broadway
1 PM Producing 101
1 PM The Music Staff
2 PM Building Tony-Winning Brands
2 PM I Can Hear the Bells: Sound Design on Broadway
2:30 PM Writers on Writing
3 PM From Page to Stage
3 PM The Story Goes On: Cast Recordings
4 PM The BroadwayCon 2017 Opening Ceremony

Saturday, January 28
10 AM Define Talent: Casting Seminar
10 AM Masters of the House: House Management Panel
10 AM Theatre Teachers Meetup
11 AM A Day in the Life of a Broadway General Manager
11 AM Long, Straight, Curly, Fuzzy: Wigs and Hair Design
11 AM Theatre Accessibility – Today and Beyond
12 PM Case Study: Designing for Circle in the Square
12 PM Casting Roxie, Raul, and Rafiki
12 PM Makeup Design on Broadway
1 PM Resident/Associate Directors
1 PM Asian-American Representation on Broadway
2 PM How to be a Theatre Press Agent
2 PM That is the State of the Art: Projection Design
2 PM Trans Representation in Theatre
3 PM Adapting Musical Properties
3 PM Beyond the Power of Speech: Social Media and Broadway
3 PM Everyone’s a Critic
3 PM Preserving Theatre on Film
3 PM William Ivey Long: A Life in the Theatre
4 PM The Play’s the Thing! A Playwriting Panel
4 PM Vocal Coaches/Dialect Coaches
5 PM Making Mondays: Live on Saturday
5 PM Setting the Stage: Broadway Scenic Designers

Sunday, January 29
10 AM Activism and Theatre
10 AM Born to Boogie: Broadway’s Choreographers
10 AM Greening the Great White Way
11 AM Dressing Them Up: Costume Designers
11 AM Raising Broadway Babies: Working Moms on Broadway
11 AM Stage a Scene
11 AM The World Inside a Frame: Broadway Photographers
12 PM Love is Company (Managers)!
12 PM Nothing About Us Without Us: Disability Onstage
12 PM Putting It Together: Broadway Directors
12 PM The Blacklist and Broadway
1 PM How to Create a Successful Fundraising Program
2 PM Casting Directors Q&A
2 PM Find Your Light: Lighting Design
3 PM Hashtag Relatable: Secrets of Branding Social Media on Broadway
3:30 PM BroadwayCon First Look
4 PM Archiving Theatre
4 PM If I Hear “Tomorrow” One More Time: Directing Community Theatre
4 PM Professional Fans
6 PM The BroadwayCon Closing Ceremony

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