Second Issue of Caffe Cino Features Essays, Interviews, and Unpublished Plays

Industry News   Second Issue of Caffe Cino Features Essays, Interviews, and Unpublished Plays
The literary theatre magazine, edited by Steve McMahon and Daniel Talbott, features new plays by Jessica Dickey, Philip Dawkins, Lucy Thurber, and more.
Daniel Talbott and Jessica Dickey Marc J. Franklin

Rising Phoenix Repertory has released the second issue of its theatre literary magazine, Caffe Cino, now available for purchase online and in independent book stores.

The book-length magazine features essays, interviews with original Caffe Cino theatre artists Robert Patrick and Marshall W. Mason, as well as new, previously unpublished plays by Lucy Thurber (Transfers, The Hill Town Plays), Jessica Dickey (The Convent, Amish Project), Philip Dawkins (Charm), and more.

Edited by Steve McMahon and Daniel Talbott, the Caffe Cino magazine is inspired by Joe Cino and his original Caffe Cino in New York City’s Greenwich Village. The book was designed by Alan Davison and features artwork by Helen McMillan.

The edition features essays by Shira-Lee Shalit, Jan Johnson Drantell, Seth Numrich, Kristen Palmer, Sam Soule, and Julie Kline, as well as the following plays: The Locus by Thurber, Scattered Thoughts As I Prepare A Eulogy on the Occasion of the Tragic Death of the Royal Children by Holly Arsenault, Summer Lightning by Michael Smith, Custodians by Ken Urban, Rebel With(out) A Cause by David Zheng, Jack and Jill by Adam Szymkowicz, Is This Okay? by Gina Femia, From Funny by Dawkins, Killing Play by Dave Anzuelo, and Joe Cino and the Electrician by Dickey.

Weathervane Productions and Rising Phoenix Repertory, in association with Rattlestick Playwrights Theater is currently presenting Dickey's play The Convent Off-Broadway. The new play, now in performances at A.R.T/New York Theatres, follows the intersecting stories of a group of women who go on a a retreat to live like nuns during the Middle Ages. Click here for more information.

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